Deciding Where to Sell Books

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Now that you’ve decided upon self-publishing as the best path for you, there’s one choice which still needs to be made: where to sell books to make the greatest impact. As an independent author, you have the ability to control every aspect of your brand. Market placement is one of the most important decisions you’ll face; find out how to ensure greatest sales and earning potential by positioning your products in the online market.

Where to Sell Books for Greatest Sales Impact

For many authors new to self-publishing, proprietary device marketplaces like Amazon’s Kindle Store seem like the obvious choice. While these popular outlets do boast large audiences, there are some drawbacks which must be considered. First and perhaps most importantly, your earning potential and control over your product can be significantly diminished through partnerships with these sellers. In order to keep the highest percentage of your sales proceeds, you’ll likely be forced to accept binding exclusivity agreements. These will prevent you from making your work available through any other outlets, so you’re only able to reach potential buyers who own a particular device brand. These contracts may also strip you of control over pricing, promotion and reprinting rights in the future. Deciding where to sell books becomes one of the most pressing choices you face when starting your new business venture.

Retaining Control and Boosting Earning Potential

While the plans which seem to be the most lucrative often include a lack of control, these marketplaces can still be a valuable tool. The best choice is to choose non-exclusive arrangements, and to manage them in tandem with your own web store. Running an online business doesn’t have to be an expensive or complicated venture. All you need is the right tools and services for the job. When deciding where to sell books, it’s wise to focus heavily on truly independent sales.

Working with a dedicated eCommerce platform like allows you all the control of independent sales, and all the convenience of working with a managed marketplace. Payment processing is managed through trusted sources like PayPal and Google Wallet, keeping your clients safe while boosting ease of use for you. Automated content delivery takes the work of sales alert monitoring and manual distribution out of your hands, while marketing tools boost visibility of your products. When it comes to where to sell books, controlling your own system and partnering with reliable service providers is the best and most effective option. Stay in control of your business, and your publishing career. Start your own web store, and sell your work directly to your readers.

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