Deciding Where to Sell Books Online

Where To Sell Your EBook

After finishing your manuscript, you’re ready to get your work into hands of readers around the world. You know you want to skip the traditional publishing route in order to strike out on your own, but do you know the best way to achieve this goal? While choosing a proprietary mass marketplace tied to a popular eReader device is one of the more common choices, it may not be the best decision for you. The primary appeal of self-publishing, for many authors, is the ability to earn more than mere  pennies from each sale while maintaining control over material. Much like traditional publishing schemes, managed mass-market sales can leave you earning far less than the corporate interests controlling your work. You will likely also face restrictions and limitations regarding how and where to sell books.

Where to Sell Books When You Want Full Control 

The single most effective way to decide where to sell books is to first decide how you’d like to manage your career. Do you want to collect a tiny portion of your earnings while being unable to control pricing and not allowed to sell your work through any other avenues in exchange for convenience and exposure? Or would you rather steer your own ship, keep the majority of your earnings and face no built-in audience limitations? If the latter is more appealing, you’re not alone. Most independent authors would prefer this system, though they often believe setting up their own web store is too expensive and complicated.

You don’t need a high-cost website built by a professional to include all the eBook sales bells and whistles. You don’t need a large startup investment at all, in fact. All you need is reliable payment processing through systems your customers trust, like PayPal and Google Wallet, secure file hosting and automated content delivery. These systems are built in to quality eCommerce platforms. Service providers like make it easy to turn a free blog site or an inexpensive template site into a sales portal. Your work is hosted securely and instantly delivered to your customers when a transaction is completed. You don’t have to micromanage any step of the process, leaving you more time to work on your next book and promote your brand.

How Marketing Helps You Decide Where to Sell Books

Built-in marketing tools set the best eCommerce service providers apart from the rest of the pack. Access to high-quality systems, like affiliate networks, make all the difference for independent authors struggling to decide where to sell books when the startup budget is small. Instead of risking what little capital you have on unreliable prepaid ads and sponsored social media posts, you’re able to recruit affiliates around the world to essentially work for you on commission. You share a small portion of the proceeds from each sale, and they help your reach expand far beyond your extended social network. When you’re trying to determine where to sell books, look for an eCommerce platform with built-in affiliate access. With all these powerful and vital tools in hand, you’re able to make your mark on the publishing industry while maintaining full independence. Get started today!

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