Deciding Where to Sell Books

How to Sell Books

You’ve invested so much time and effort in your manuscript; shouldn’t you be able to control the end product? When you’re choosing how and where to sell books, your decisions can have far-reaching implications. If you’re drawn to the idea of self-publishing as a means of retaining creative control over your work, along with the ability to make your own decisions and keep more of your earnings, it’s important that you carefully examine any direct publishing options online. Some of the most popular eBook marketplaces have strict guidelines for contributors, and restrictions which leave you with almost as little control over your career as a traditional publisher.

Where to Sell Books When You Want to be Independent

Major eBook marketplaces can offer you the potential for exposure to an existing customer base, but these proprietary marketplaces tied to popular eReader devices can be quite restrictive. In order to collect the highest percentage of your profits, for instance, you’ll often be forced to accept exclusivity agreements and to surrender control over pricing. In the end, you’re simply collecting a higher percentage of a lower cover price, so you may not earn more than you would if you accepted a lower percentage with no exclusivity agreements.

For many new authors, the best and most effective option is simply to operate an independent web store. Getting started is easier and far less expensive than you might think.

Learning How and Where to Sell Books

When it comes to where to sell books, your very own web store is likely to be the best possible option for your career. Working with a dedicated eCommerce platform like makes it simple and inexpensive to launch your very own online business. Payments are processed through names you and your customers trust, like PayPal and Google Wallet. Your files will be hosted securely, and instantly delivered to your customers immediately upon completing a transaction. You don’t even have to invest in a high-cost personal website; a free blog site or cheap template site you build yourself is more than sufficient.

Choosing a high-quality eCommerce platform when deciding where to sell books also helps you to expand your marketing reach exponentially, thanks to built-in affiliate network access. Rather than paying for the mere potential to increase traffic, you’re able to pay for marketing only when it works. You’re connected with affiliates who essentially work on commission, collecting a small portion of the proceeds from only the sales they generate. You save money while boosting sales and brand visibility, while your affiliates earn money. Everyone wins!

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