Deciding How to Offer eBooks for Sale

How to Offer eBooks for Sale

You’re a writer on a mission: to get your latest manuscript published. Still, you don’t want to settle for mere pennies from each sale and you don’t want to sacrifice your creative control. You know self-publishing is easier than ever before, but do you know how to go about releasing your eBooks for sale in a manner which guarantees you the most independence and earning potential? Before you release your work through the massive marketplace tied to proprietary eReader devices, take some time to explore your options. What you learn may just surprise you.

Why You Should Manage Your Own eBooks for Sale

It can be very tempting to settle for a smaller portion of your earnings and a bit less control in exchange for fully automated sales management through a proprietary eBook marketplace, but it’s actually not necessary. If you’re under the misunderstanding that managing your own web store is overwhelming or difficult, it might be wise to take a step back in order to truly survey the landscape.

Choosing a dedicated eCommerce platform allows you all the convenience and ease of managed sales, with none of the demanding rules. Working with high-quality services like means you’re able to turn anything from an inexpensive DIY site to a free blog site into a sales portal. You’re able to reach customers around the world, not just the ones who own a particular device and reside in the right regions. Best of all, you’re still able to sit back and collect your earnings, because there’s no need for manual processing or order fulfillment. A high-end eCommerce platform fully integrates payment processing systems you and your customers already trust, like PayPal and Google Wallet. Your files are hosted securely, then immediately delivered to your customers upon completing a transaction. You never have to worry about missed sales alerts or customer service crises.

When the busywork of managing eBooks for sale is taken care of with ease, you’re free to focus on the things that really matter: creating new content, and promoting your brand.

Marketing eBooks the Quick and Easy Way

Who has an unlimited budget to pour into marketing? Almost no one, but even if you do have such funding at your fingertips, it’s not always wise to spend it. The more you invest in marketing and launch before your first sale, the more eBook copies you’ll need to sell in order to simply recoup your investment. Reaching profitability can be a very real challenge when you overinvest in the beginning.

Still, you can’t sell books to readers who don’t know you exist. This is where risk-free options like affiliate marketing can make all the difference. Because your affiliates work on a commission basis, they only collect a small portion of the proceeds from the sales they close. This means you only pay for marketing when it works, and you’re partnered with people who have a vested interest in helping you succeed. Best of all, these networks are often included in strong eCommerce platform packages.

Get started today, and make your dreams of becoming a published author come true.

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