Customer Service and Brand Reputation for Online Merchants

Digital Download Marketplaces

The Internet provides online merchants with a global audience and almost limitless sales potential, but can also present a very real damage control issue when customer complaints are posted online. Removing a negative review and restoring your brand reputation to good standing is much more difficult than offering great customer service in the first place, a fact many online merchants overlook until it’s too late. If you’re interested in starting your own online business selling digital products, your brand name and good standing will be very powerful weapons in your arsenal. Because it’s so much easier to preserve a good brand reputation than to salvage a bad one, it’s wise to make a point of focusing on great customer service from the very beginning.

Why is Brand Reputation Important?

The Internet can feel like a largely anonymous frontier, but the truth is, it’s not quite as easy for an online merchant to get lost in the shuffle as many would like to believe. Bad reviews, claims of copyright infringement and other issues can plague any merchant, and can tarnish their brand reputation beyond repair. Even under new company names, past transgressions can easily come back to haunt you. This is why it’s so important to focus on great customer service from the very first sale you make.

What Customer Service Issues Affect Brand Reputation?

There are a host of customer service problems which can damage your brand reputation, but some are especially destructive. These are some of the customer service complaints which, once they’re posted as a client review, can be extremely detrimental to your business.

  • Slow product delivery
  • Faulty products
  • Misleading marketing claims
  • Payment issues

Avoiding Common Customer Service Complaints

Ensuring the satisfaction of your customers helps you to access one of the strongest forms of advertising available to any merchant: word of mouth recommendations. When your customers are pleased with your product and sales system, they will encourage people they know to make purchases from you, as well. You know how important it is to offer a great product and to make fair, honest claims in your marketing campaign. To avoid the payment issues and slow product delivery which can plague your brand reputation, consider using a content delivery service like These services provide your clients with instant download access to the products they’ve purchased, and eliminates billing complaints by accepting trusted payment sources like PayPal and Google Wallet. When payment processing and content delivery is handled for you, you’re free to concentrate on creating new content and marketing your products without concerns about customer service complaints.


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