Creating Software? Sell it Online!

Software Marketing

Without the support of a corporate distribution system, are you left with few options beyond giving your work away to build a reputation? You don’t have to freely distribute your software; sell it in your own web store, and you’ll earn the profit you deserve. Getting started is easier than you might think, and doesn’t require a large startup investment. All you need is a strong sales support and distribution system to launch a successful, lucrative and rewarding career.

Market Your Software, Sell to Larger Audiences

You can’t sell even the best piece of software if no one knows it’s on the market. No matter how diligently you root out the bugs and boost user-friendliness, you can’t rely upon word of mouth alone. You need a marketing plan which boosts your signal and helps you move beyond your own organic reach. For many new software merchants, limited startup funding is the primary issue preventing them from investing in marketing. What many don’t realize is that the best option can also be the least expensive. Affiliate networks partner you with marketers who will promote your software, sell it to the online following they’ve built and help you earn more money. Best of all, they only get paid when their efforts are effective. You don’t gamble on prepaid marketing which may or may not boost sales, and your affiliates get paid fairly for each sale they generate. When you choose a comprehensive eCommerce platform like to manage sales, affiliate network access is built in to a complete system.

Using an eCommerce Platform to Host Software, Sell and Distribute

As a merchant, there are some non-negotiable tools, services and capabilities you need. Trustworthy and reliable payment processing, like that offered by PayPal or Google Wallet, keeps you and your customers safe with each transaction. Secure hosting protects your software, then automated content delivery gets your products to buyers in moments. You don’t have to monitor your sales alerts every hour of the day and night to make sure there are no delays, and your customers never have to wait for their software. Sell with the right systems in place, and you can become very successful with no corporate support.

Simple cut-and-paste HTML linking helps you turn your social media accounts, free blog sites and self-built template websites into high-end sales portals. You’re able to launch on a shoestring budget without sacrificing functionality or customer service. Don’t sink a small fortune into starting your business. Make informed decisions and smart investments, dramatically shortening your path to profitability and success. Put the finishing touches on your software, sell it in a web store you run yourself, and become the next self-motivated success story.

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