Create Your Software – Sell it Yourself

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Do you have a fantastic idea for your own software but are not sure how to begin making money on your idea? Selling software can be difficult if you try to go through the large software giants. However, there is no reason for you to ‘sell’ your idea to anyone for them to create. Why not create your own software and sell it yourself?

Create Your Software – Sell as a Digital Download

You don’t need fancy packaging to sell software anymore. Most people prefer to buy their software through digital download, immediately getting access to their product. The advantage for a software creator like yourself is that there is very little expense involved in creating a digital download. The biggest concern you should have is how to market and sell your software to the masses.

You may be a tech genius but that doesn’t mean you are a marketing guru. Many of the people who make digital products that can be downloaded don’t want to be bothered with the business end of selling their products. Luckily, you don’t have to waste your energy handling the minutia of selling your software; an eCommerce service can do all that for you.

Selling Software Online

The fastest and easiest way to begin making money from your software? Sell it through an eCommerce service like PayLoadz offers a turn-key digital download sales service that is ideal for those starting their own online business. You create the software, sell it in a digital download format, the eCommerce site handles the payment transaction and delivery of the product. With you get the following, all for a low fee:

  • Placement in their online store
  • Access to affiliate marketing to gain larger exposure for your software products
  • A secure payment processing system using trusted sources like Paypal or Google Wallet. Customers can pay however they want, increasing your sales.
  • Fast, secure digital delivery- your customers will automatically receive access to their new software once they make payment.
  • Use the service in conjunction with your own website, social media pages or even on eBay auctions.
  • Worldwide exposure with many different currencies accepted.

The great thing about using an eCommerce service is that it frees you up to have time to focus on making more software to grow your product line. Once your product is stored in the system, there is nothing you need to do but watch your profits come in. This gives you the opportunity to focus on creating new software, which is what you do best.

Don’t wait for someone else to beat you to the punch. Create your software; sell it online right away using an eCommerce service like

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