Create Your Own Knitting Patterns and Sell Downloads Online

Selling Crafts

Once regarded as an archaic hobby for those of an older generation, knitting is actually one of the hottest and most persistent trends in the world of crafting. More and more crafters are learning to knit, and some are even starting to create their own patterns. This has created a thriving cottage industry, largely online, made up of those with the ability to create and sell knitting patterns. If you already know how to create patterns of your own, the next step to turning your hobby into a cash cow is simply mastering the finer points of ecommerce. After you’ve learned the best ways to sell downloads online, you can start profiting from your talent and expertise.

Starting Your Business: What You Need to Sell Downloads Online

Before the advent of the Internet, people with a marketable talent and an entrepreneurial spirit were generally restricted to brick-and-mortar retail business options. These days, it’s easier than ever to establish a thriving business when you choose to sell downloads online. With a high-quality product in place, the most important key to success is building a functional and reliable system of processing orders and sales.

This requires the ability to easily and securely process payments, ideally through trusted systems like PayPal or Google Checkout. Because today’s consumer is also accustomed to instant access to their digital files, you’ll also want to work out an arrangement which allows for automated content delivery. Content hosting also becomes a pressing issue; even though your digital files don’t require physical warehouse or shelf space, they do need to be securely hosted in order to facilitate ease of delivery. Finally, you’ll also need to find a way of expanding the reach of your business if you hope to sell knitting patterns on a large scale.

It’s absolutely possible to find each of these vital services separately in order to build your own sales website. Still, the easiest, most efficient and most user-friendly method is to work with a comprehensive ecommerce platform like, which combines all of these tools to streamline your operations.

How to Sell Knitting Patterns Successfully

The most successful online merchants are the ones who understand the importance of marketing and promotions, participating in programs like affiliate networks and actively working to promote themselves. This is where an ecommerce system with built-in affiliate support becomes such a valuable tool. It’s also important to understand the significant impact of customer service and brand reputation. Your ability to establish and maintain a great reputation can mean the difference between success or failure, so it’s wise to pay careful attention to the image you’re projecting as the greatest representative of your own brand.

Part of being a good member of the community while avoiding the potential for legal complications is to make sure, when you sell knitting patterns, you’re only offering products which are wholly original and your own work. This holds true for anyone who chooses to sell downloads online, but is especially important for those merchants who work within a relatively small community. With original designs and a bit of online sales research, you can sell downloads and make money online from the fruits of your knitting labor.


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