Create Books, Publish and Sell Online

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Do you wish you could write books, publish them and get paid for your writing? You can now that it is easy to self-publish your books as digital downloads. You can even create audio books and sell those online too, increasing your sales and audience. All you need is a computer with basic word processing software and you can become a paid author.

Skip the Publishing House

It wasn’t long ago that to become a published author you needed to find a publishing house to back your book and distribute it for you. Writers were at the mercy of large companies that may not give new writer a chance. But since the conversion to buying books as downloads, it has become much easier for anyone to create books, publish them and sell them online on their own.

So how do you create your own books? The first step to publishing online is to get your book in the right format. Digital book downloads should match the screen size that most people read their eBooks on, usually about 7.5” x 10.5”. This is perfect for most tablets like Kindles or iPads. Using your word processing software such as MS Word, you can reformat the pages and save it in a PDF file to make it easy to sell online.

Once you have your book in the right format and file form, make sure to add a copy right and title page, along with a cover. Just like books in a store, an eye-catching cover can help increase interest in your book and get more sales.

The next step in selling your books online is getting ready to process sales. You create the books, publish and then begin selling them on your own through a digital store, taking out the middleman. But first you need to get set up with an eCommerce service.

You don’t need to be able to process payments and deliver every book you sell online by yourself. eCommerce services like make this simple and easy to do. You just signup for the service, upload your books onto their digital store and wait for the sales to start coming in. You can also use the service to process payments and provide secure digital delivery of your book from other websites where you sell your book. Promote your books through your social media pages, your own website and even on eBay; then, link those sites to your eCommerce service so payments and delivery will be completed through the same system.

It is quick and easy to create books, publish and sell them online if you have an eCommerce service on your side. Get started selling books today!

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