Cornering a Growing Market: How to Sell Audio Books

Sell MP3 Downloads

Are you a self-published author looking for a way to expand your product catalog and cash in on a growing trend? If so, you may be overlooking a product with high earning potential: audio books. Too many authors neglect to create audio book versions of their product offerings, instead courting only those with ereaders and time on their hands to sit down with a new book. What if you could reach people during their commute, workout routine or when they’re handling daily household tasks that require both hands? With audio books, you can do just that and capitalize on market growth other authors are ignoring.

Sell Audio Books: Tips and Tricks

Ideally, you’ll offer audio books as a companion to your ebook products. This means your customers will need to be able to quickly and easily shuffle between reading and listening. So, your audio books should be broken into chapters for easy navigation, and your ebooks should have an indexed table of contents. You don’t need expensive recording studio time or professional voice actors to record your audio book, either. All you need is a quiet space, a microphone, a pleasant speaking voice and access to reasonably-priced audio editing software. You can record your own audio book quicker and more easily than you might think, so your overhead will be limited and profitability will be more easily reached.

Tools and Services for Audio Book and Ebook Sales

No matter what you’re selling online, you need a strong and reliable web store presence. This doesn’t mean you need a professionally-built website costing thousands of dollars and capable of ecommerce management, though. In fact, you can fare just as well with a free blog site as a sales hub when you use a low-cost, high-value ecommerce platform service like An ecommerce service provider will streamline your daily operations, giving you access to secure file hosting, safe payment processing, automated content delivery and valuable selling tools. Better yet, you won’t have to concern yourself with website maintenance and downtime.

Start recording your audio books today, so you can start capitalizing on market growth while establishing your brand tomorrow. With a bit of luck and determination, you can become the next self-publishing success story.


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