Converting Your Physical Product into a Pay Download

Sell Software Online

Specializing in the sale of physical media goods can be a rewarding venture, but more often, meeting overhead expenses is an ongoing battle as physical media goods become less and less popular. For the majority of small business owners who sell their own music, novels, games, software programs, art, business document templates or any other media product, switching to a pay download model can mean the difference between success and bankruptcy.

Getting Started in the Pay Download Business

For merchants and creators who’ve spent the bulk of their careers developing media products to be sold as physical commodities, it’s no secret that digital goods sales are gaining more momentum with every passing year, in some cases surpassing their tangible counterparts in annual sales. Still, many will continue to struggle against the changing trends simply because digital product sales and pay download business models are unfamiliar.

The key to keeping up with the times is realizing not only how easy it can be to create digital versions of popular physical media products, but also the value of adopting a pay download sales model.

Why Sell Pay Downloads?

Physical goods are tangible, can be held in your customers’ hands and stocked on retail shelves. They also require space for storage, warehousing and stocking, can be broken or damaged, cost money to ship and take time to arrive at your customers’ doors. Maintaining a retail space costs money, from mortgage or commercial space rental to utilities, staffing and property upkeep.

A single digital file can be resold infinitely, never needs to be restocked, can be sent instantly to your customers and requires no dedicated storage or display space. Maintaining a full catalog of digital products doesn’t require retail space, and start-up investments for a new pay download business venture are minimal in comparison.

Sell Pay Downloads from Your Own Web Store

Starting a web store doesn’t have to require an expensive, custom-built website capable of facilitating sales, In fact, built-in shopping carts and payment processing programs can be difficult for beginners to maintain. Content creators new to online sales and veterans alike can streamline operations for a more efficient pay download business, not to mention a more customer-friendly purchasing experience, by working with an ecommerce platform.

Ecommerce service solutions, like, are designed to facilitate online sales in a manner which benefits both pay download business owners and purchasers around the world. These platforms combine payment processing through well-known and trusted sources like PayPal, secure content hosting, instant product delivery and access to valuable marketing tools under one virtual roof. Rather than struggling to navigate the new territory of online sales and marketing while also learning the ropes of online sales facilitation, content creators are able to start earning money while focusing on customer service, new product development and promotion.

If you’re an independent musician, self-published novelist, software developer, digital artist or any other media content creator, consider the benefits of pay download sales versus physical media. The substantial reduction in overhead, paired with global audience potential and streamlined sales, makes it easier than ever to get started in the pay download business.


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