Control Your Career and Books: Publish Yourself

Sell E-book

How do you make a splash in the literary world without sacrificing the majority of your earnings and control over your books? Publish your own work online! When you serve as your own publisher, there’s no need to settle for pennies from each sale and a total loss of control over your creative property. Tools and services targeted at self-published authors are everywhere, making it easier than ever to get started. The key to success, however, is weeding the strong services and useful tools from the unnecessary expenses. Before you shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a custom website and built-in sales tools, take some time to explore platform options. You may find it easier, less expensive and less laborious than you imagine.

New Formats for Books: Publish for the Future

The days of paying a fortune to finance your first run of copies have come to an end. Thanks to the proliferation of eReader devices and smartphone apps dedicated to reading, it’s easier than ever to cut out the middleman when it comes to selling books. Publish your own work to a web store you run, and you’re in complete control. eBooks are inexpensive to create, never need to be reprinted and stock never needs to be replenished. You don’t need warehouse or storage space for your stock; all you need is a sales system and a plan.

Dedicated eCommerce platforms like are designed with digital content creators in mind. Rather than relying upon a traditional publisher or even the digital marketplaces tied to proprietary eReader devices, start your very own web store. If you can cut and paste simple HTML code, you can turn an inexpensive template site or even a free blog site into your sales portal. No need for a high-priced web designer, or complicated sales tools.

Why You Should Independently Sell Your Books, Publish Directly to Your Own Store

When you choose a proprietary eBook marketplace, you’re likely to find yourself in a position similar to those presented by traditional publishing contracts. To earn the greatest share of your sales price, you’ll be forced to accept restrictive terms and conditions which limit your control dramatically. Want to determine the price, marketing and direction of your own books? Publish them directly to a web store powered by a strong eCommerce platform. Look for systems with built in PayPal and Google Wallet integration, secure file hosting and automated content delivery to get the most bang for your buck. The best systems will also offer marketing tools, like affiliate network access. Start exploring your options today, and get your work to the masses.

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