Content Creation: Writing Ebooks That Sell

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Writing an ebook of any kind is hard work, but even the most dedicated effort is no guarantee that an ebook will sell. While marketing and promotional tactics will have a significant bearing on the success of your self-publishing venture, strong content creation will almost always be the cornerstone of any substantially successful ebook sales campaign. In order to make a splash in the self-publishing industry, it’s important for aspiring writers to have a basic understanding of content creation and methods of writing ebooks with strong sales potential.

Content Creation with a Focus on Quality

While many newcomers to self-publishing are tempted to price their efforts as low as possible in hopes of generating higher sales figures, price isn’t always the most influential factor for success. The higher the quality of your ebook and the more it resembles a retail-quality product from a major publisher, the more likely it is to gain attention from readers.

Thorough editing is imperative for any ebook, regardless of genre or classification. Non-fiction writers’ authoritativeness will be challenged by readers who notice a surfeit of grammatical or spelling errors, while fiction writers will damage readers’ immersion when the manuscript is littered with mistakes. It may be a worthwhile investment to consider hiring an independent editor to prevent these issues.

Formatting for Successful Sales

While the old adage holds that you should never judge a book by its cover, the truth is, many readers will be influenced by the cover art of an ebook. You should always make sure to include a cover image in not only the ebook itself, but also as an image reference for sales and promotional efforts.

Some customers may read their ebooks on computers, but the majority of modern ebook buyers have e-reader devices. There are many popular brands and models on the market, many of which have their own proprietary file format. Offering your ebook in a variety of file formats is just as important as high-quality visual formatting. Not only should you include a strong table of contents and cover image, but also a wide selection of file formats from which your customers can choose.

Selling Your Ebook

There are many ways to go about selling your ebook, from social media and affiliate marketing plans to a personal website and online auction listings. Regardless of your primary avenue of sales, you should consider using a high-quality content delivery service like to consolidate content delivery, payment processing and affiliate marketing with one dedicated service.


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