Choosing a Target Audience: Children’s Ebooks

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The traditional publishing market can be a difficult one for even the most talented authors to break into, even those who specialize in popular content like children’s books. With the rise of the Internet, tablet devices and e-reader products, however, the self-publishing industry is also rapidly growing. For many aspiring authors today, establishing a customer base can be as simple as choosing a target audience and publishing their children’s ebooks online.

Marketing to Your Target Audience

While your readership will be primarily comprised of young children, it’s important to understand who will be actually purchasing your ebooks: adults. This is one area where choosing your target audience for promotional efforts means marketing to a group separate from the end users of your product.

Parents, family members and caregivers use children’s books, and now children’s ebooks, for a variety of reasons. Not only does children’s literature help kids build a love of reading; it can also help them to understand new experiences in their lives or meet new developmental goals. Some of the most popular children’s books address behavioral issues or major milestones in ways kids can both identify with and understand. To market your children’s ebook in a way which resonates with adult purchasers, emphasize the moral of your story. Self-explanatory titles which reference the issue explored within the story can also be helpful marketing tools.

The Future of Children’s Ebooks

With advances in tablet and e-reader devices, the possibilities for children’s ebooks are almost endless. Skilled animators can turn illustrations into dynamic, attention-grabbing animated graphics. Musical accompaniment and pre-recorded read-along tracks can also be integrated to turn the reading experience into a captivating one for kids and adults alike. During the creation and conceptualization phase, don’t be afraid to think outside of the traditional children’s book box. There’s an entire world of technological advances of which new authors can take advantage, establishing themselves as innovators in a growing field.

Selling Your Children’s Ebooks

Working with an e-Commerce solution like comes with a host of benefits, from streamlined content delivery and payment processing to easy integration with personal websites and social media pages. Opting to outsource these crucial aspects of your business can actually increase sales, while helping you free up more time to work on your next title. With your existing client base and new customers gained through targeted marketing efforts, you can start making money as a successful, self-published children’s author.


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