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You may be one of the many brilliant authors who have written several (or maybe one or two) manuscripts over the years only to let them rest quietly in a drawer or file cabinet somewhere. Perhaps the file cabinet is a virtual one on your computer or flash drive. The prospect of your baby being at the whim and mercy of editors and marketers who will change your words completely is not appealing to you. You’ve heard the horror stories of writers submitting their work only to have it mutilated, twisted and contorted so that they did not recognize their own words. You’ve avoided that like the plague thinking, “I want to sell my books, but not like that!”

Your one desire has been to get your book published, but on your terms. Vanity publishers can be expensive and there seem to be all kinds of hidden costs with such outfits. So what’s a writer to do? Thanks to modern technology, you can publish your work online, as written. It won’t cost you an arm or a leg either. With eCommerce companies like available to help you out, publishing and selling your own books is as easy as apple pie and just about as good!

Getting Started

Lots of newbies enter the field thinking that the first draft is good enough. No, it’s not. Make sure the work you publish is polished and worthy of being in the marketplace to sell. “My books will meet stiff competition out there.” That needs to be your mindset. If you aren’t already blogging, then it’s high time you started. You don’t need to post every day, but at least once or twice a week and make it interesting. Talk about your book and generate some interest.

Do the Homework

Research is always the best way to lay a foundation for planning. You definitely want to create a viable plan that will lead to your ultimate success. Find out your options for publishing online and determine what’s going to work best for you. Decide how much time and effort you are willing to put into this project. When you enlist a company such as to help you sell your books from your own website or their online storefront, you’ve done a lot to keep more money in your pocket.

Give to Get

You generated interest through your blog, through guest blogging on other sites and now you are ready to put the plan into action. Consider offering your book free for a limited amount of time, one or two months before you sell. “My books are worth reading” and the growth in your free book numbers will confirm this thought for you. When the time is up, set a reasonable price for your work. Find out what people are willing to pay. If the price is too high, you won’t get any takers. If it’s too low, people will think it must not be that good.

Self-publishing your work online and selling it through a safe and easy digital delivery service can net you a nice little income. Get involved in the eBook community. Do reviews and get your own book reviewed. As you get your name out into the public eye you will slowly but surely grow a following which will be the base of your future success.

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