Cheap and Effective Software Marketing

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Are your software sales figures lower than you’d like? Perhaps you haven’t yet started your business, and are looking for a way to boost your promotional efforts. Whether you’re a veteran merchant seeking healthier sales numbers or you’re just about to get your brand launched, learning the trick to inexpensive and effective software marketing can make all the difference. Before you invest your limited capital into risky, prepaid advertising, find out how you can secure marketing you pay for only when it works.

How Can I Only Pay For Software Marketing When it Works?

Prepaid advertising is an inherent gamble. Whether you’re investing in sponsored social media posts or banner ads, you’re still paying for promotion which your customers may very well scroll past without even noticing. These forms of advertising can be very expensive, and their effectiveness questionable. For a software merchant just starting out, investing all of your startup capital into a single ad campaign can be devastating if it doesn’t yield results. Most new merchants don’t even have the capital available to launch a full ad campaign, leaving them stuck to build sales however they can.

Working with a dedicated eCommerce platform offers more than just payment processing and order fulfillment. High-end services like also include access to affiliate networks, an invaluable asset for new merchants. Affiliate marketing is structured as a profit-sharing system, and you only pay when it works. Your affiliate collects a small portion of the proceeds from only those sales they directly generated. You don’t pay upfront for marketing which may or may not work, and your affiliate has a built-in incentive to actively market your work. The more people you reach, the more your business grows. Best of all, you can get the ball rolling without investing a penny in advance advertising funding.

Benefits of Combined Sales and Software Marketing

Working with an eCommerce platform streamlines your business, making it more efficient and more effective. In addition to no-risk software marketing through affiliates, you’ll also have access to all the tools you need to keep your business running. Payments are processed through names your customers know and trust, like Google Wallet and PayPal. Your software is hosted securely, and immediately delivered to customers upon completing a transaction. Simple HTML links can be copied and pasted, turning anything from a free blog site to a social media account into a sales portal. With all the tools you need to launch and maintain your business under one virtual roof, you’re left with more time to develop new products and expand your catalog.

Take advantage of powerful selling and software marketing tools. Choose a strong eCommerce platform, and watch your dream of successful, independent sales come true.

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