Cashing in with Subscription Downloads

How To Sell Digital Products

Are you ready for a more reliable earnings statement at the end of each month? Selling individual digital downloads can be quite lucrative, but exact monthly earnings can be quite difficult to predict. A more reliable profit and loss statement at the end of each month makes it easier to budget for long-term investments, not to mention providing a clearer financial picture when it comes to your actual earnings. This is where subscription downloads can become an almost invaluable addition to your product offerings.

The Perks of Selling Subscription Downloads

Recurring billing for regular installments of your particular digital products gives you the freedom of estimating at least minimum monthly earnings, especially if your product catalog also includes stand-alone or one-time-purchase offerings. A quick glance at your subscriber count provides a baseline estimate, which gives you not only the freedom to plan new projects but also the ability to budget your personal earnings for each month.

It’s also easy to turn many different types of businesses into one which offers a valuable recurring service. Authors can provide monthly installments of a long-running story, musicians can provide special content for VIP subscribers, video producers can conceptualize and shoot an ongoing series. The options are almost endless.

Establishing a regular presence in your industry is also valuable from a marketing perspective. Ongoing visibility translates to new subscribers and larger revenue streams. How do you make sure products go out to everyone on your subscriber list on time, though? Manually managing subscription delivery is a logistical nightmare fraught with opportunities for human error, but there is a simple, inexpensive and efficient solution: a strong eCommerce platform.

How a Good eCommerce Platform Helps You Sell Subscription Products

Ideally, you’ll already be partnered with a service like if you’re adding subscriptions to an existing business. If you’re just starting out, these systems are an invaluable source of tools and support designed to help your business thrive.

Look for an eCommerce provider which offers full and seamless PayPal integration, as this will be the key to a smooth billing and delivery process. Recurring PayPal billing means your subscribers are charged on a consistent timeline, while scheduled delivery through your eCommerce platform means you never have to worry about delivering products to all of your subscribers manually. You just create content, schedule delivery and let your platform do the rest. You’re free to focus on expanding your empire, one subscriber at a time.

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