Calling All Producers: Sell Your Beats Online

Sell Music Downloads Online

You have the talent, the drive and a portfolio full of high-quality beats, but aren’t sure of the best methods for selling them. While you can always offer them as physical media on the local level, this severely limits your potential audience. With the power of the Internet, you have access to a global audience and can sell your beats online to musicians around the world. All you need is a portfolio of work, a basic understanding of e-commerce techniques and the dedication required to make your business grow.

What You Need to Sell Your Beats Online

You have the beats, now you need to get started on the sales and distribution aspect of your new business venture. There are a few things you’ll need in order to increase your chances of online sales success, though.

  • Content Delivery Service – One of the primary benefits for buyers of digital products is the ability to access files immediately after purchase. There’s no wait for processing or shipping, which means your clients are able to receive instant gratification. In order to ensure seamless, instant delivery of your products when you sell beats online, you’ll need to either commit to constant monitoring of your sales alerts or find a content delivery service capable of handling distribution for you. Through one of these specialized services, you’ll be able to rest assured your customers are getting the products they’ve paid for each and every time.
  • Payment Processing – There are several ways to send and receive payment for digital products and services online, but it’s important for online merchants to understand the benefits of working with trusted and reputable payment processing services. Recognizable names like PayPal and Google Wallet offer an increased level of security for customers, and added layers of protection for their sensitive financial information.
  • Affiliate Marketing Program – To sell your beats online and create a successful business, you’ll need to dedicate much of your time and energy to marketing and promotion. While you’re working the social media angle and pushing your products, you may also want to consider increasing your reach through affiliate marketing programs. These programs essentially allow you to outsource a bit of your promotional responsibility, which you pay for through small percentages of each generated sale.

Each of these elements are important for online merchants and sellers of digital products. Look for comprehensive solutions like, which offers payment processing, affiliate marketing platforms and content delivery under one digital roof. These one-stop-shops allow you to consolidate and streamline your efforts, increasing your efficiency and your effectiveness.


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