Calling All Musicians: Sell Ringtones for Profit and Exposure

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For independent musicians, few things are as vital to success as gaining exposure while turning enough of a profit to fund future projects. Without the backing of a major label or the international distribution which comes with a recording contract, promotional efforts and earning money are left to musicians themselves. While there are many different tactics which can and often do help indie musicians build an audience, the proliferation of smartphones provides one of the most popular. With a bit of marketing know-how and a crash course in online marketing, you can help to increase your band’s exposure by selling ringtones to your fans.

How to Sell Ringtones for Fame and Fortune

You may not pay for a private jet with your earnings from selling ringtones, but you can help your fans to play your music for everyone in their immediate area whenever they get new notifications. By isolating the hook into a single snippet, you can make the catchiest and most infectious parts of your songs speak for themselves. All you need is the support of a great ecommerce platform, and a collection of original recordings.

An ambitious new band’s work is never done, so it’s always wise to set up your webstore through an ecommerce solution like, which automates every aspect of sales and delivery. Rather than spending your time monitoring sales alerts, tracking earnings history, processing payments and manually fulfilling orders, you can focus on what really matters: creating new material and promoting your project.

Why Choosing to Sell Ringtones Makes a Difference

Even the best indie band will struggle to make ends meet if they’re not able to get the word out about their music. Recording new material, buying gear and bankrolling live shows all require income, and a lack of money coming in can derail even the most promising projects. This is why it’s so important for bands to start making money by selling their products, and the Internet provides the ideal sales outlet.

You can reach fans who are actively looking for your music, and those within the scope of a marketing push, through social media, blogs and websites. Then you’re forced to depend on your fans, and the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Working with an affiliate network, especially one connected to your ecommerce service provider, can help to expand your reach dramatically, but it’s not the only option. By offering inexpensive clips of your music and selling ringtones, you’re able to give your existing fans the only tool they need to start the conversation about your project. Every time their phones ring, more people hear your music.

If you’re looking for a way to boost your band’s exposure and earning power, consider selling ringtones when you set up your online marketplace. You may be surprised by how quickly your reach expands.


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