Building Your Online Marketplace: Tips to Sell Images

Selling Digital Files

Written content on the Internet may be wildly disparate and espouse a wide range of viewpoints, but there’s one thing almost all popular web articles, blog posts and written online content have in common: they’re anchored with images.

Graphics, photos and clipart are all heavily used online to break up written content, provide visual interest and draw the eye of readers who may otherwise pass by a long, written post. For online business owners who sell images, the opportunities for sales are almost endless.

Why Merchants Who Sell Images are Successful

One of the most thriving and healthy industries in the world of online content is the sale of images. Whether it’s stock photography or digital art, graphic images are considered a non-negotiable, essential addition for most online content writers and advertisers. If you write content and post it online, you almost invariably will see less traffic and generate less interest if the post consists solely of one long, unbroken stream of words. For this reason alone, those who sell clipart, stock photographs or digital art images can enjoy a steady and lucrative stream of sales if they understand the market and how to best capitalize on this ever-growing need.

How to Sell Clipart and Other Images Online

There are many Internet services which specialize in either buying images from content creators and selling to end users, or hosting and promoting images for a share of the proceeds from each sale. While these businesses are popular, they also offer very little freedom, in many cases, to the digital artists, photographers and graphic designers who sell images. As a result, more and more image content creators are opting to start their own businesses, handle their own marketing and keep more of their money.

In order to sell images online, you’ll need to first amass a substantial collection of images to which you hold exclusive rights. Ideally, they will be images you’ve created yourself and are sure you have the rights to resell. You may also be able to enter into a distribution agreement with a content creator to sell images you haven’t generated yourself. However you obtain your images, you’ll need to be absolutely sure you’re well within your legal rights to sell the licensing for their use online.

After you’ve built your content library, it’s time to start working on your business plan. Not only will you need to focus on marketing and promotion, but also the practical applications of content distribution, order processing and sales management. For most online content merchants, the easiest and most reliable method of addressing these concerns is to work with a dedicated ecommerce solution like, which consolidates payment processing, automated content delivery and affiliate marketing access under one virtual roof. This minimizes the number of separate services which which you must interact, and effectively streamlines your operations. With an efficient and reliable ecommerce solution, and a library of content, you can sell images online, meeting a vast need while making a profit.


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