Building Your Business On a Pay Download Model

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Today, there is a digital version of so many products, it’s not always necessary to start a brick and mortar retail store in order to become an independent business owner. There are a host of benefits associated with the pay download business model, but these benefits aren’t always clear to the uninitiated. Too often, hopeful business owners fall into the trap of believing they must be high-level tech professionals in order to start a successful business and sell downloads online.

These are just a few of the products which can be created and sold in digital versions:

  • crafting patterns
  • music
  • books
  • video content
  • document templates
  • clipart
  • stock photography
  • software programs

How Choosing To Sell Downloads Online Helps Your Bottom Line

To create physical media, like compact discs for music or physical copies of a self-published book, you must first invest in the initial product run. Depending on what types of products you plan to sell, this expenditure alone can easily mean thousands of dollars in start-up funding. Once product creation has been financed, you’ll need to set aside more money for staffing or substantial amounts of your own time to process and ship orders. You’ll need to acquire warehouse or storage space for your back stock, and be prepared to set aside a significant portion of your profits to finance subsequent product creation when your physical stock begins to diminish. If your business plan includes both online sales and a retail storefront, you’ll also have all of the expenses associated with maintaining commercial property, including rent or mortgage payments, upkeep and utility costs. Operating on this model, it can be difficult for the new business owner to actually see returns for quite some time.

With a digital product and an online storefront, you’re able to start selling pay downloads almost immediately, with very little required in the way of start-up investment. Your products never degrade or need to be restocked, as the same digital file can be distributed and sold infinitely. Because your products are intangible, you also don’t need a retail storefront. With the right tools and services in place from the day of launch, it’s also quite possible to operate a thriving business and sell downloads for a strong profit without hiring additional staff.

Tools and Services You Need to Successfully Sell Downloads Online

The key to successful online sales is building a great product, and making customer service a high priority. You’ll also need to make time for some intensive marketing. This is where choosing the right tools for the job is essential to your success.

Customer service requires not only responsive action when your buyers encounter difficulties or have questions about your product, but also ensuring the very basic cornerstones of daily operations are secure and easy to operate. You’ll need to be able to securely process transactions through avenues trusted by online buyers, make products instantly available to customers upon purchase, and also expand your marketing reach through valuable tools like affiliate network access. While these can all be handled separately, most new business owners will find it far more efficient and convenient to partner with a high-quality ecommerce platform like, which streamlines these vital operations and increases overall customer satisfaction ratings.

Choosing the right tools for the job makes it easier than you may realize to start a new pay download business. Start building your venture and making money; sell downloads online and start making a profit today!

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