Building an eBook Download Business

Selling Books Online

Do you want to turn over the majority of your earnings, a substantial amount of creative control and the publishing rights for your work to a major publishing house? While the idea of seeing your book on the shelves at your favorite local bookstore may seem appealing, you might be surprised by how much you could be required to sacrifice in order to make that dream a reality. For this reason, many authors are choosing to skip the traditional system altogether in favor of starting an eBook download business for themselves. It’s easier and more rewarding than you might realize; the right tools and services can help you build an effective, efficient and completely independent venture.

How Your Own eBook Download Store Helps You Stay in Control

No one wants to have their work changed by editors, or managed by publishers who keep the lion’s share of the profits from each sale. When you work within the traditional publishing system, you are unlikely to ever earn more than mere pennies from each sale. Promotional support will be dependent upon the whims of the publisher, so you may not even reap the benefits of a corporate marketing push. In the end, your career trajectory is largely decided by others.  Direct eBook publishing through popular eBook and eReader device marketplaces also requires a series of compromises, because the most popular options force you to restrict sales to a single outlet. Exclusivity clauses aren’t the only way direct eBook publishing schemes can affect your business, either. Plans through mass eBook download marketplaces may also require price adjustment agreements. This means you’re not able to determine your eBooks’ worth, or have a say the sales price of your work.

Starting and managing your own eBook download venture means you keep the money you earn, investing in back into your business as you see fit. You retain full creative control over your work. You set the prices, and determine if and when you’ll run promotional pricing to boost sales. Your career is decided by you and your actions, not those of a corporation.

What Every eBook Download Business Needs

While there are a lot of bells, whistles and trends, a few things are universally true for all online merchants. First, you must have a way of securely processing payments. You can’t earn money if your customers can’t pay for the books you’re selling, and those customers won’t feel comfortable unless their payments are processed through a system they trust. Recognized and reliable services like PayPal and Google Wallet are vital. You must also be able to ensure immediate access, because the modern online buyer is not accustomed to waiting for digital products they’ve purchased to be manually delivered.

Systems like give you all the convenience of managed sales, without requiring you to sacrifice control. You manage your own eBook download webstore, making all the decisions and controlling your future. Your eCommerce platform integrates secure payment systems, reliable file hosting and automated content delivery to ensure instant access.

Get started today, and start earning money while building your author brand.


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