Building a Strong Digital Downloads Business

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Do you find the number of options for digital downloads sales management overwhelming? You’re not alone. With so many different ways to structure an online business, simply building the framework for your web store can be a challenge. The trick to choosing the right systems and tools is to understand not only what you need and how to secure those features, but how to do so on a reasonable budget. More expensive doesn’t necessarily mean more effective, and choosing high-cost systems can actually be damaging to your long-term success. Before you start pulling together a number of systems which may or may not work together cohesively, take some time to carefully consider all the angles. With the right information and the right perspective, launching your new business can be simple and cost-effective.

What Your Digital Downloads Business Needs

Before you can start weeding out things which aren’t likely to be a good fit, you must first know what you need to accomplish with your digital downloads management system. First and foremost, you’ll need reliable payment processing tools which both you and your customers can trust, like PayPal and Google Wallet. These globally recognized service providers take the risk out of managing payments by keeping your customers’ financial information secure. You’ll never have to manually process a credit card payment, which frees up more of your time. When you’re not monitoring sales alerts around the clock, you’re free to focus on promotion and new product development. This means, however, that you’ll also need an automated content delivery system in place to ensure quick order fulfillment. Today’s online buyers are not accustomed to waiting for a seller to manually send download links, and a single missed delivery can damage your reputation substantially. You’ll also need secure file hosting to keep your products safe, along with a marketing plan to get the word out about your products.

Bringing it all Together: Selling Digital Downloads the Smart Way

How do you consolidate payment processing, file hosting, download delivery and even marketing systems without spending a fortune? With a dedicated eCommerce platform! Services like are designed for the independent digital downloads merchant, seamlessly integrating PayPal and other trusted payment processing systems into a comprehensive sales management toolset. You’ll even be able to access high-quality, zero-risk marketing through built-in affiliate networks.

Instead of paying up front for the mere potential for traffic, you’ll be sharing a small portion of the proceeds from each affiliate-driven sale with that affiliate. Since the payment structure is essentially a commission plan, you’ll only pay for marketing when it works. No gambling, no risking your limited funding on unproven sponsored social media posts and banner ads. Get started today, and make your dreams of owning an independent digital downloads business come true.

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