Building a Retail Business with Digital Downloads

Sell Using Google Checkout

When most people think of opening their own retail business, they’re dissuaded by the prospect of failure and bankruptcy. After all, starting a business requires expensive commercial real estate, storage space for backstock and utilities, not to mention expenses associated with payroll and hiring.

What many hopeful retail business owners don’t realize is that this is not necessarily true. Most physical goods have a digital counterpart, which means a retail business specializing in digital downloads can be started from the comfort of your own home. Overhead expenses are significantly reduced in comparison to a brick-and-mortar store, because you’re not forced to buy real estate or pay leasing fees. Since a single digital file can be sold an infinite number of times and never needs to be restocked, there are no expenses associated with storage of physical goods or the need to replenish the shelves. A single proprietor can manage daily operations, eliminating payroll costs.

How to Build a Digital Download Business

Now that you’ve decided to sell downloads, all you need is to build your online marketplace and execute your initial marketing plan. Before you get started, there’s only a few things you’ll need to obtain.

After you’ve created your content or acquired the resale rights to content created by others, you’ll need to determine how you want to set up your business. For some, this may mean building a website which includes a shopping cart and monitoring for sales alerts, thought this option will require either extensive web design knowledge or the services of an expensive professional. Along with a self-contained site comes the need for maintenance and updates, as well. Because the maintenance and building requirements can be extensive, most merchants will see greater benefit when they choose a dedicated ecommerce platform, like

A high-quality and reliable ecommerce platform automates content delivery, ensuring your customers get the instant access to which they’ve become accustomed. Payment processing capabilities through a variety of respected names, like PayPal and Google Wallet, are integrated seamlessly. Even if you choose to build a personal website for marketing purposes, cut-and-paste HTML links allow you to turn the site, along with all of your social media profiles and email signature lines, into a sales portal which does not require maintenance on your end. You’re free to focus on marketing and promotions, building your brand image while your ecommerce service handles day to day tasks.

With limited overhead and start-up capital, you can build a retail business online with digital downloads. Start working towards your dream of small business ownership today!


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