Building a Business Around Subscription Downloads

Online Selling Software

How do you guarantee a regular income as a digital merchant? As with any other sales business, there are likely to be times of both feast and famine. What if there were a way you could launch your venture around systems designed to help you foster a more stable income? By selling subscription downloads, you’re actually in an ideal position for stability. Your monthly subscribers will give you a reasonably accurate forecast for the month, with only slight fluctuations when the odd subscription is dropped or you add new customers.  Managing even a very large subscriber list can be simple and straightforward, provided you choose the right tools and service providers from the outset. Take some time to research and weigh your options, then start building the business of your dreams.

What Kind of Subscription Downloads Can I Sell?

When it comes to packaging your products as subscription downloads, you’re really only limited by your imagination and ability to think outside of the box. Create and distribute a digital monthly magazine, or release weekly instructional videos. Sell digital comics you create, or offer a monthly music downloads package. Whatever you create, there’s a good chance it can be packaged and distributed on a serialized basis.

Once you’ve planned your business model and release plans, it’s time to start working on building your actual online business. While you can invest heavily in an expensive website, manage payment processing yourself and manually send files to your subscribers, this leaves much room for error and increases the chances of negative customer service feedback. To be optimally efficient and effective, you need systems which limit your operating costs while automating payment processing, file hosting and delivery. Dedicated eCommerce platform services like make it easy to manage your business while keeping costs low. High-end services allow you to save even more money by eliminating the cost of a professional website, and the risk of prepaid advertising expenses.

Selling Subscription Downloads the Smarter Way

The lower your starting and operating costs, the sooner you’ll reach profitability. When your eCommerce platform service allows you to use cut-and-paste HTML linking, it’s easy to turn inexpensive DIY template sites, free blog sites or even social media profiles into sales portals. Since you can’t make a sale if no one knows you’re selling subscription downloads, you’ll also need marketing you can rely upon to be effective. Gambling with your marketing budget on prepaid banner ads or sponsored social media posts isn’t guaranteed to yield results, and you’ll pay for those ads up front before they’re published.

Affiliate networks are a low-cost, no-risk alternative to prepaid marketing. High-quality eCommerce platforms offer access to these networks as part of their comprehensive service package, further streamlining your operation. Get started today, and you could be earning a reliable income sooner than you ever thought possible.

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