Build Your Band’s Audience: Sell MP3 Collections

Selling mp3

Are you trying to get your big break for your band? The music industry is a notoriously difficult realm to break into, but the internet has made it much easier. While live shows connect your band with a small audience and following, you can reach millions with your music by selling songs online. By putting together a groups of your songs, you can sell MP3 collections and begin building your band’s audience while making money.

The Beauty of Selling Songs Online

For decades, the only way to sell songs collections was in physical form. Whether it was a vinyl record or a CD, you had to create a physical product to sell. But now with the digital music format of the MP3, you no longer need to create and deliver a physical product, saving you time and money. This allows you to sell your music online, giving your fans the music they want instantly.

Once you create a MP3 collection of your band’s songs, you can release it to the world almost instantaneously. You don’t need a recording contract or any big label to begin building your audience. Your music will sell itself – if you can get it in front of the right people. That is where the business of selling music online comes in.

How to Sell MP3 Collections Online

You may be a talented musician, but that doesn’t necessarily make you an expert at starting your own online digital goods business. However, the good news is that there are services that can take the mystery out of marketing your band’s songs to the millions of music lovers in the world. eCommerce services provide the platform, marketing, exposure and payment system that you need to begin selling your MPs collections online.

The way it works is instead of trying to create a selling platform yourself on your own website, then worrying about generating traffic to your site, you use an eCommerce service. This gives you a place to list your music collection in front of a large audience, with a payment and delivery system built in. You can sell your MP3 collection right from their site with or without your own website, utilizing their marketing efforts to get your band exposure.

Once your band’s songs are for sale through an eCommerce site like, you can link any other online promoting you do for your band to the site. Share links to your MP3 collection through your website and social media pages to make it easy for your fans to get your latest band releases. The service can instantly deliver your digital music while collecting the payment that helps you begin making money with your band’s digital sales.

If you are ready to take the next step in getting your band noticed, now is the time to create your first MP3 collection and begin selling it online. It could help you get the break you have been looking for to expand your fan base and fame.

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