Build Your Audience: Sell Music Online

MP3 file downloading

Playing local shows and even touring are important parts of building your audience as a musician, but relying exclusively on those methods can inhibit your ability to build your audience effectively and gain new fans. The Internet and the global community of music lovers can help to increase your visibility and popularity, but you’ll have to build your web presence to capitalize on this opportunity effectively. When you sell music online and market your project on the Internet, you can gain fans from around the world and increase your chances of substantial, sustainable success in the music world.

Establish a Web Presence and Sell Music Online

An Internet presence is almost a requirement for musicians in today’s world, and can be a more valuable promotional tool than even a major label record deal. It’s not unheard of for musicians to establish their fan base primarily through web presence and Internet promotion, and starting to sell music online is part and parcel of increasing your web visibility. Interacting with fans via social media, uploading performances to streaming video sites and making some of your songs available to stream can also help to bolster your web presence.

Sell MP3 Files for Versatility

There are several file formats for distributing and listening to digital music files, from lossless formats to lower-quality formats which offer smaller file sizes. Choosing to sell MP3 files may be the best option for emerging independent artists, however, due to their compatibility with most playback devices and smartphones. Even if you choose to distribute your music through larger, lossless formats, you should consider making MP3 files available for more casual listeners who like to take their music with them on the go, but aren’t overly concerned with flawless sound quality.

How to Sell Music Online

When you make the decision to sell music as a digital download file through your own online store, you’ll obviously need at least a few songs to sell. What you may not realize, though, is that you’ll also need to have access to some other online sales tools in order to create a successful and efficient web store.

Payment processing is a pressing concern, as collecting money can be delicate business while concerns over financial security and identity theft continue to grow. Working with trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet can help you to inspire buyer confidence while also simplifying your own sales process. You’ll also need to find a method of automating content delivery so your customers can obtain the files they’ve purchased when you sell music. Today’s audience expects to instantly access digital files when they buy online, and a single missed sales alert can generate a surprising amount of negative feedback. The best option for most musicians who hope to sell music online is to work with an ecommerce platform like, which combines payment processing with automated content delivery and access to a host of valuable merchant sales. With your business plan and order fulfillment system in place, you can sell music and increase your web presence dramatically.


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