Branding Software: Sell without Designing

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Are you ready to cash in on digital software sales, but don’t have the design skills required to create your own? When it comes to digital marketing and sales, there’s more than one way to earn money, even if you don’t create your own software. Sell licensed programs from other creators, and you’ll be able to position yourself as well-rounded brand.

Buy Software, Sell Under Your Own Brand

While it’s highly unethical and illegal to sell products to which you own no rights, it’s perfectly legal to procure the licensing and distribution rights from the rightful owner. Some software creators have enormous talent and skill, paired with a reluctance to deal with the marketing and branding aspect of selling their work. This is where you can create a symbiotic relationship through which everyone benefits; you, your customers and your content providers.

In order to sell software, or any other digital product, there’s a few things you’ll need. First and foremost, you’ll need to procure content you can legally sell. Once you have programs ready for the market, it’s time to start putting your sales infrastructure in place.

You’ll need a sales portal of some kind, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive and complicated website built by a professional. In fact, if you choose the right support tools, you can even use a free blog site or an inexpensive template site you build yourself. With simple HTML code you can cut and paste, high-quality eCommerce providers like make it easy to turn almost anything into a sales page.

These platforms do more than help you convert a low-cost sales portal, though. Better providers will seamlessly integrate reliable and trustworthy payment processing systems, like PayPal and Google Wallet. Your files will be securely hosted, then automatically delivered to your customers within moments of completing a transaction. There’s no need to monitor sales alerts around the clock or risk missed deliveries, which can damage your brand immensely.

Affordable Software Marketing Systems

Marketing is the most vital aspect of running a business dependent upon licensed digital products. People who are unaware of your brand can’t buy your products, which means you won’t be able to afford future acquisitions. Unfortunately, prepaid ads and sponsored social media posts cost money, and they’re not even guaranteed to work.

This is where an affiliate marketing system can be a tremendous help. A standard feature of top-level eCommerce platforms, affiliate networks help to connect you with other marketers who essentially work on commission. In exchange for a small portion of the proceeds from only the sales they generate, affiliates will market your products to potential buyers far beyond your own organic reach.

With the right tools, services and creator partnerships, you’re ready to buy software, sell it under your own brand and establish your own independent business.

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