Boost Your Web Presence to Help Your Ebook Sell

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You’re ready to get your ebook on the market and to start building your self-publishing empire, but where to start? With so many choices for market placement, promotion and sales management, just getting started can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, it’s easy to navigate the entire landscape and to help your ebook sell successfully when you have a bit of basic information at your disposal. Understanding the importance of sales management is vital, but so is marketing and promotion. You can support your online venture and build your brand’s reputation for excellence by choosing the right sales systems, and a platform like makes it easier than ever to keep your customers satisfied with the way their transactions are processed. But how do you get those customers to your listings in the first place? Successful marketing.

Why Your Web Presence is Important When You Sell Ebooks

You might have the next literary classic ready for sale, but you won’t be able to sell even the very best product if no one knows it’s out there for sale. There are tools you can use to boost your product’s visibility, like the affiliate network access offered by the most high-end ecommerce platforms, but you’ll also need to do some of your own legwork. This is where an established web presence is invaluable.

When you maintain a blog and build its readership, or participate in online community groups, you’re building your web presence. Other community members and your blog readers recognize your name, and feel a sense of familiarity. In turn, this sense of familiarity encourages them to support your endeavors and gives you a built-in audience to whom you can market. Building your web presence means not just promoting your products, but actively participating in community discussion and becoming a valued part of the community. If you join these communities and offer nothing but self-promotional content, you’re likely to be ignored altogether. When you promote your products after establishing yourself as a valued community voice, you’ll capture the interest and the curiosity of your peers.

Selling Ebooks Online, and Why Your Brand Matters

The ebook industry has exploded in the last five years, with more readers than ever turning to electronic media. This surge in interest means more authors are choosing to forgo working with major publishers, creating a glut of content online. This doesn’t mean there’s no room for new authors, but the relatively low barrier to entry means you do have to go the extra mile to prove yourself. When anyone can put an unedited, unpolished and unprofessional ebook product on the market, you’ll have to make a point of setting yourself apart from the competition. Invest in professional editing, if possible, or at least work with a critique partner who can catch errors you may miss. Make sure the product you’re putting out there is of the highest possible quality, and you’ll establish a reputation for releasing strong content. This reputation, paired with an existing web presence, makes your products far more marketable and better positioned to succeed than much of the competition.

Choosing the right sales platform to minimize the margin of human error and focusing on your web reputation is key to helping your ebook sell. Don’t let your great product languish unnoticed; get out there and become an active part of the online community, and watch your sales figures grow!


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