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Whether you’re interested in starting a full-time business or just looking for a bit of extra money, the Internet presents a great opportunity for content creators to increase their income by selling downloadable files. With the power to reach audiences across the globe and a unique area of expertise, you’re really only limited by your imagination and the amount of work you’re willing to put in to your new business venture. Starting an online business requires far less in terms of start-up capital and up-front financial investments, making it much more accessible than a brick and mortar establishment. With a bit of research and plenty of determination, you can make money by selling downloadable files.

What Kind of Digital Products Can I Sell?

There’s a market online for just about any kind of content you can imagine. To choose the right products for you, take into consideration any area of expertise you may have or special talents. Downloadable files come in a wide variety, but here are some of the most popular:

  • eBooks – While fiction novels are usually the first things which come to mind at the mention of an eBook, there’s a wide world of content which can be successfully sold online. Instructional manuals, non-fiction, historical accounts and even things like cookbooks can be great earners if they’re high quality and marketed to the right audience.
  • MP3 files – You don’t have to be a musician to create and sell MP3 files. You can offer audiobook versions of your eBooks, motivational messages and podcasts, just to name a few. If it can be recorded and you own the rights to the content, it can be sold as an MP3 file.
  • Documents – The single most popular document searched for online is a last will and testament template, but legal professionals aren’t the only ones who are able to make money by selling documents as downloadable files. Checklists, whitepapers, charts and educational materials can also be profitable.
  • Videos – This is the age of the viral video, but you don’t have to put your videos up for free on a streaming site. If you’re comfortable in front of the camera and have solid ideas for content, you can sell instructional videos, comedy sketches, independent films and other video formats as downloadable files.

How Do I Sell Downloadable Files Online?

After you’ve chosen the kind of content you want to produce and created some files to sell, it’s time to choose a sales plan. You may choose to sell your files through online auction sites or your personal website, but a content delivery service like handles the most difficult aspects of selling downloadable files for you. Instead of constantly monitoring your sales alerts to ensure instant delivery after a sale, you can simply collect your funds while you concentrate on marketing and promotions. These services provide your customers with immediate access to the files they’ve purchased and handle payment processing, so you’re free to focus on helping your business venture to flourish.


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