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There’s no denying the progress of technology; more advanced products exist today than at any other time in history. With so many new offerings on the market, it’s surprising that one of the most popular products for sale online today was, not too long ago, considered hopelessly outdated: the audio book. Once available only in bulky packaging spanning several cassette tapes or compact discs, audio books have been revolutionized in the 21st century. Today, they’re available in easy-to-navigate digital files broken cleanly into chapters, ready for your smartphone or MP3 playback device.

Why Audio Book Sales Are a Lucrative Choice

Even the most dedicated bookworm can’t settle in with a great book while they’re driving, or handling household chores requiring both hands. Vision impairment or difficulty reading can also present a challenge to those who love a great story, and audio books are the perfect solution.

Bestsellers are widely available through online retailers with special licensing rights, but there’s one section of the market currently underserved when it comes to audio books. Self-published authors are making a killing in the online market, but far too many are missing the opportunity to boost their sales figures with the addition of audio book versions of their products. Whether sold as part of a promotional bundle package or a stand-alone product, audio books are an attractive product which can help to drive sales of your ebook offerings. As a digital product, audio books present some of the most untapped earning potential out there; as a digital merchant, your job is to capitalize on that need.

How to Sell Audio Books

Whether you hire a voice actor or handle the reading yourself, you’ll need a product. Once your audio books are recorded, split into manageable chapters and ready to sell, you’ll need an ecommerce solution capable of handling such large file sizes. You don’t want to host multiple-gigabyte files on your own, or manage the intricacies of maintaining an ecommerce-capable website. The most efficient, effective and best option for most audio book sales professionals online is to work with a dedicated ecommerce provider like, which streamlines your daily operations under one virtual roof. Payment processing through trusted names like Google Wallet and PayPal, automated content delivery and access to invaluable selling tools are just the tip of the iceberg; a great ecommerce platform can completely change the way you operate your business.

Start cashing in on the growing popularity of this hot digital product today; sell audio books, and bring a lucrative opportunity to your business venture’s table.


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