Boost Your Band’s Exposure: Sell Ringtones Online

Sell MP3 Downloads

Are you looking to capitalize on the online business boom and get more exposure for your band in the process? Selling ringtones online can be just the way to do both, quickly and easily from your computer. Imagine your band’s song playing every time a person’s phone rings, exposing everyone around them to your music, while you get paid for every download. Here is how to get started.

Making Money Selling Ringtones

To make it in the music business you need two key ingredients: musical talent and exposure. While you already have the musical talent, the exposure can be difficult and time consuming to gain. Luckily, you no longer need to only play live gigs to get new fans – the internet is the best place to get the exposure you need to become financially successful at your craft.

One way to both get exposure and start making money for your band is to sell digital downloads of your music. This can be in the form of singles, albums or MP3 collections. It can also be through selling ringtones. You can sell just a snippet of one of your more popular songs as a ringtone, helping get your song out in hearing distance of thousands of people every day. It is a great way to begin building your fan base and get the exposure you need to take your band to the next level.

How to Sell Ringtones Online

So where can you sell your band’s ringtones? You can start by selling them on your own website or social media pages to your existing fans. But you also want to reach other people that haven’t heard your band before and you need a way to accept payments and deliver those digital downloads. A great way to expand your marketing efforts is to sign up for an eCommerce service that can handle processing payments for your ringtones and other music downloads, provide download delivery to your fans and give you marketing options.

Services like are perfect for selling ringtones for your band. This type of service offers you a digital online store to sell your ringtones and other downloads, plus gives you a secure payment and delivery system that you can use in conjunction with your other websites and social media pages. You also get turn-key affiliate marketing options that help give your band and your musical downloads exposure all across the world.

Are you tired of waiting for your big break into the music business? Don’t sit around waiting to get discovered. Get the exposure your band needs for success by getting your music online and out to the masses. You can even start making money right away to help fund your band’s progress to becoming the next big breakout band in the music industry.

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