Blogging as a Career: Making Money by Selling Digital Downloads

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Working from home and setting your own schedule is a dream job for many, but it can also seem like an unattainable goal. In fact, it’s far from impossible to make money blogging; with affiliate marketing programs, you can actually start earning a profit from your blogging efforts.

How Affiliate Marketing Helps You Make Money Blogging

If you’ve already built up a substantial following and established a significant web presence, it’s time to start looking for ways of monetizing your efforts. For those who are new to the world of blogging as a career, ad revenue often seems like the only option. While ad revenue can be a lucrative source of income, there are also a host of other options which can work in tandem with advertising to create a sustainable source of residual income. The most popular and, in most cases, the best way to increase income generated by a blog is to participate in an affiliate marketing network.

The first step to making money as an affiliate network participant is to first understand how affiliate marketing works. You don’t have to be an expert content creator to start selling digital downloads; you just have to work with those who do have such skill sets to build a symbiotic relationship.

Through established affiliate marketing networks like the one offered by, you are able to partner with the creators and sellers of digital content to increase their reach and profits, while expanding your own bottom line. You simply recommend products to your blog followers after joining a network. For each sale generated by your efforts, you collect a portion of the proceeds. You’re able to turn your blog into a vehicle for selling digital downloads.

Selling Digital Downloads by Blogging

If you’ve already amassed a following and substantial readership base, you know that your words are important to people around the world who tune in to catch each new update. This reader base is made up largely of people who trust your opinion, which leaves you uniquely placed to help web merchants who are selling digital downloads they’ve created. You’re offering these content creators access to an audience which would otherwise be out of reach to them, and you collect money each time a purchase originates from your efforts.

Blogging for cash doesn’t have to be a fantasy. With the power of affiliate marketing and a measure of dedication, you can start making money and building your own blogging empire, one post at a time.

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