Beyond PayPal: Software Sales Systems

Digital Goods

If you’ve ever purchased something online, you’ve probably paid for those goods with PayPal. Software, eBook and other digital sales require more than just a payment processing service, though. As a merchant who’s just starting out, you know that you need the right tools for the job; you just may not know how to secure all those systems under a single, streamlined sales service. Getting your software sales and marketing system off the ground doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive; when you work with a dedicated eCommerce platform, selling your software is easier and more cost-effective than you ever imagined.

Why You Need More Than PayPal: Software Sales 101

While it’s true that you can’t run a business if you can’t get paid, payment processing is not the only service you need in order to launch your software sales business. You must also have access to secure file hosting, which keeps your software files protected from piracy and loss. Since virtually all digital buyers expect immediate access to the files they’ve purchased, automated download delivery is also a must. It simply is not feasible to monitor alerts around the clock, manually sharing links with your customers. This will inevitably result in missed alerts, unfulfilled and late orders.

You can access all these vital tools without commissioning an expensive, custom-built website for your business. In fact, you can take advantage of free blog sites, inexpensive template sites you build yourself, or even a social media profile to provide a sales hub for your business. High-end eCommerce providers like make it easy to save money while dramatically improving sales. Best of all, these systems are designed to seamlessly integrate payment processing services like Google Wallet and PayPal. Software sales systems have never been so easy to operate and maintain.

PayPal, Software Marketing and Boosting Sales

You will immediately inspire trust in your customers when they’re able to pay for their goods through names they trust, like PayPal. To get to this point, though, you must first know how to bring those customers in and how to foster sales. A strong marketing plan is an absolute must, but it doesn’t have to be a costly risk. While prepaid forms of advertising, like banner ads and social media posts, are essentially little more than a sophisticated gamble, there are other options.

The best eCommerce platforms offer their clients access to affiliate marketing networks, which foster symbiotic relationships between merchants and marketers. You are connected with marketers who have a built-in incentive to actively market your brand. After all, they only get paid when they help you make a sale. A small portion of the proceeds from only those sales generated by an affiliate is directed back to that affiliate. You only pay for marketing when it works, so you never have to worry about your marketing budget.

Partner with PayPal, software sales and marketing systems all designed to help you make your business ownership goals a reality. You too can be the next online sales success story; all you need is the right support system in your corner.

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