Beyond PayPal: Download Management Systems

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As a digital merchant, do you know how to boost the power of PayPal? Download management tools and services help to fill in the gaps left by one of the biggest and most trusted payment processing systems available, some of which you may not even be aware of if you’re new to online sales. While services like Google Wallet and PayPal make quick work of managing payments, this is typically the full extent of their services. You’ll also need secure file hosting and content delivery management in order to protect your products and customer service ratings. Before you launch your own line of digital products, take some time to explore the options available. You may be surprised by just how inexpensive and easy it can be to expand your downloads management systems, even on the tiniest budgets.

PayPal, Download Tools and Marketing Systems

At first blush, there seem to be a vast number of moving parts required to keep even a small online business running well. Payments must be processed in a manner with which both you and your customers feel comfortable. Files must be hosted securely. Because today’s online buyer is not accustomed to waiting for the products they’ve purchased, automating download delivery is a must. Attempting to monitor sales alerts in order to manually share download links comes with a large margin of error, and a customer will inevitably fall through the cracks. Since you can’t sell a product to people who don’t know your brand exists, marketing is also a vital component to any venture

Fortunately, there are consolidated systems which streamline the entire process. Dedicated eCommerce platforms like seamlessly integrate Google Wallet and PayPal. Download automation means you never have to manually fulfill orders, and your products are always hosted securely. If you can cut and paste simple HTML code into a template site or free blog site, they allow you to dispense with the expensive custom website built by a professional. Best of all, high-quality systems will also integrate low-cost, zero-risk affiliate network marketing tools.

Marketing to Bolster PayPal Download Sales

The primary goal of any online content creator is to drive traffic, facilitate sales and earn a profit. When payments are processed through trusted systems like PayPal, downloads are automatically delivered by a reputable eCommerce platform and you’re not forced to gamble with your marketing budget, the sky really is the limit.

Working with affiliate networks allows you to pay for marketing only when it’s effective, essentially paying your affiliates a small portion of the proceeds from their sales as a commission. You’re not required to secure upfront funding for banner ads or sponsored social media posts which your target audience may ignore; your affiliates work to promote your products, and you expand your reach exponentially. With the right tools and services at your disposal, you’re able to earn money while establishing a brand with long-term potential. Get started today!

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