Benefits of Self-Publishing an eBook Download

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You’ve always dreamed of becoming a successful author, but where do you begin? If you’ve got a finished manuscript or even just an idea for a book and no clue how to secure a good publishing deal, you’re certainly not alone. What you also may not realize is just how much control and money you stand to lose under some publishing contracts. Before you spend valuable time and energy working to secure a literary agent and publisher, it’s wise to carefully consider all of your options. You may find, like so many authors today, that the benefits of self-publishing and selling an eBook download yourself far outweigh those associated with traditional publishing.

Why Should I Self-Publish an eBook Download?

With the popularity of eReader devices and dedicated smartphone apps designed for reading, it’s easier than ever to reach a large audience with an eBook download. Your audience isn’t restricted only to those who happen to stumble across a physical copy of your book in a bookstore; you have the potential to reach readers around the world. The biggest and most important benefits of self-publishing, though, are directly related to money and control.

Under a traditional publishing contract, you will only see a tiny fraction of the proceeds generated from the sale of your book. You may get an advance from the publishing company, but their business model is built around keeping more of the money to cover grossly inflated expenses. The publishing company may also own the publishing rights to your work for decades to come, and have much more creative control over future work than you realize. When you choose to self-publish, you’re cutting out the agent and publishing company altogether. You keep the money you make, you own your publishing rights, and you control the material.

Getting Your eBook Download Business Started

You may feel that starting an entire online business dedicated to selling your eBooks is expensive, difficult and time-consuming. While you certainly can spend an extraordinary amount of time and money getting started, it’s not at all necessary.

To start selling your eBook download and earning money, all you need is a strong eCommerce platform. Working with a service like allows you access to secure file hosting, automated content delivery, trusted payment processing and even valuable marketing tools. Through built-in affiliate network programs, you’re able to boost the signal and get the word out about your eBook download with ease, reaching potential customers who would have been far beyond the scope of your own organic reach. Your readers will be able to safely pay for their new books, and gain access to them immediately. You’re not chained to your desk to monitor sales alerts and distribute download links, so you’re free to work on your next masterpiece.

Don’t turn the lion’s share of your earnings and creative vision over to a publisher. Explore the possibilities opened up by self-publishing, and get your eBook download into the hands of your readers.

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