Become Part of a Sales Revolution: Sell Ebooks Online

How to Sell Books

Ebooks are by no means a new invention; they’ve been around in some form or another for almost as long as the Internet has existed. Until the development and resultant popularity of dedicated ereader devices and smartphone apps tailored to book lovers’ needs, however, they enjoyed only a marginal percentage of the market. These days, choosing to self-publish your work and sell ebooks can be the most lucrative choice for new authors.

Choosing to Sell Ebooks Can Generate More Income Than Traditional Publishing

Not so long ago, the best a new author could hope for was publication and distribution through an established publishing company. This ensured placement on store shelves, a marketing push and funding for the printing of not only the first run, but also any subsequent printings. After an advance, authors could expect a small percentage in royalty payments.

As more authors choose to self-publish their work, it’s becoming apparent that some authors can make more money and enjoy greater success buy choosing to sell ebooks online, cutting out the traditional publisher altogether. While there’s no hefty advance for a finished work, authors are able to keep significantly more of their profits and retain control over their body of work.

How to Sell Ebooks Online

Making the decision to sell ebooks can help authors to keep more of their proceeds, but it can also be an overwhelming task to the uninitiated. What seems to be an overly complex process, however, can actually be simplified substantially by making the right choices before release.

When a customer purchases a physical book from a store, or an ebook from the official marketplace connected to their proprietary devices, they can expect to receive the product they’ve purchased immediately. The first thing an independently published author must do, then, is secure a system which allows for automated delivery. When faced with the choice between waiting for a book or the ability to obtain it instantly, most consumers will choose the path of instant gratification. Also, authors who sell ebooks themselves must be prepared to process payments through secure, trusted avenues like PayPal and Google Wallet.

Managing transactions and order fulfillment while monitoring sales alerts can be a time-consuming set of tasks, which can then detract from a self-published author’s ability to create new products in a timely manner. This is where an ecommerce platform like can make all the difference. By combining secure, trusted payment processing tools with automated content delivery and the option to participate in a powerful affiliate network, a comprehensive ecommerce solution allows authors to consolidate all of the most pressing tasks related to their business, and continue to sell ebooks online even when they’re not available to process a purchase.

If you’re thinking of joining this sales and publishing revolution and choosing to sell ebooks online, choose a sales system which will allow you greater freedom and access to crucial resources.


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