Become an Independent Developer and Sell Software Online

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The software market, once dominated by major corporations with the funding to distribute physical media through big box retail stores, has changed dramatically over the last decade. Widespread availability of high speed Internet access, along with advances in the way digital products are purchased and sold online, have made it easier than ever before for independent developers to sell software online as a viable method for building their own businesses.

With the skill and experience necessary to develop software programs, even relatively simple ones, you can join the ranks of these successful business owners. All you need is a great product, along with the right tools and support services.

Build Your Web Store, Sell Software

As an experienced software designer, you know how to create, test and finalize a retail-ready product. What you may not be as well versed in is the world of online sales. In order to make money from your products without the support of major corporation marketing and distribution, you’ll have to build your own systems in order to help people learn about your programs, then painlessly purchase them online.

Choosing to package and distribute your software programs digitally means you don’t have to invest heavily in physical media manufacturing, pay for shipping charges or cover restocking fees. To reap the many benefits of online sales, though, you will need to make sure you’re playing by the rules.

Not so long ago, even online customers were prepared to wait for days or even weeks to have products they ordered online shipped to their residence. When widespread availability of broadband Internet access made it more feasible and more convenient to purchase files as digital downloads, however, things changed a bit. Today’s online buyer has the expectation of instant access to the files they’ve purchased, along with secure payment processing and responsive customer service.

For those new to selling software online and veterans alike, it’s easier and far more efficient to streamline these vital features through one dedicated ecommerce solution, like

Sell Software More Successfully with the Right Tools and Services

While there may be a staggering number of services online which specialize exclusively in content hosting, automated product delivery, payment processing or web store management, working with separate services creates the need for greater oversight and maintenance. So much maintenance and oversight, in fact, that those who design and sell software find themselves more often in the role of retail manager than content creator.

In order to keep your new business running smoothly so you can focus more energy on new products, it’s almost always best to work with a single, comprehensive ecommerce platform which bundles not only payment processing, content hosting and instant product delivery, but also access to powerful marketing tools and web store maintenance. With the right ecommerce solution, you’re free to focus more of your energy on new product development and far less on the daily tedium of sales facilitation.

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