Become a Smartphone Tycoon: Sell Apps Online

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Smartphones have quickly become a ubiquitous fact of life, with more and more users purchasing these versatile devices with every passing year. While smartphones are powerful, though, the ability of users to customize their experience with third-party applications is one of the driving factors behind their popularity. This has naturally given rise to the popularity of selling apps online, even among developers who choose to forgo the process of submitting their applications to proprietary device marketplaces.

How to Sell Apps Without Proprietary Device Store Acceptance

The two forerunners among smartphone operating systems are Android and Apple’s iOS offerings. Both Androids and iPhones are tied to official marketplaces, but these app stores aren’t the only options for buying and selling apps online. Though some budding entrepreneurs may give up if their app offerings aren’t accepted by the Apple or Android application stores, others are setting up shop independently. This not only frees them from some of the content restrictions associated with official marketplaces, but also allows developers to retain a higher percentage of the profits from each sale.

To start selling apps online as an independent developer unaffiliated with an official app store, it’s important to choose reputable and recognizable seller services to increase the legitimacy of your product. It’s not uncommon for buyers to feel hesitant when it comes to purchasing unauthorized apps outside of the protection offered by the app store connected to their device, so working with trusted ecommerce platforms like provides your customers with the sense of security they need in order to confidently proceed with each transaction.

Reasons to Sell Apps Outside the App Stores: Understanding the Benefits

For most content providers considering the benefits of selling apps online through their own store, the primary concern about a release outside of official app stores is simply the work required to manage order fulfillment and content hosting. While app marketplaces will handle these concerns, they do so in exchange for a hefty percentage of sales proceeds and control of presentation. Ultimately, you will have little to no control over how your app is presented, and minimal control over promotional codes and discounts.

Choosing to operate your own storefront for selling apps online doesn’t have to require a full-time focus on order processing and fulfillment, contrary to popular belief. With the right ecommerce solution in place, you can automate content delivery while processing each payment through your client’s choice of trusted processing vendors like PayPal or Google Wallet. You can enjoy all of the sales facilitation perks of the official app stores, with fewer restrictions.

Become the next smartphone entrepreneur success story, and sell apps directly to your customers without the middleman of a centralized marketplace.


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