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Whether you’re a writer of non-fiction tomes or a spinner of fictional tales, if you’ve considered a career as an author, you know just how difficult it can be to break into the publishing business. Turning your manuscript into a book which sits on the shelves of your local bookstore under the imprint of a major publishing house can be almost impossible for many writers, but this difficulty doesn’t have to preclude your dreams of literary success. With ebook downloads, you can become a published author whose works are purchased and enjoyed by readers from around the world.

Ebook Downloads vs. Traditional Publishing

The publishing industry is in a state of transition right now, due largely to the skyrocketing popularity of ereader devices and book-centric smartphone apps. These platforms make it easier than ever to start selling your books for a real profit without forcing you to depend upon a major publishing company, but selling ebook downloads does come with a bit of a learning curve. In order to maximize your profits and increase your reach, you’ll have to learn more about important issues like online marketing, order processing and ebook formatting. Still, self-publishing through ebook downloads also presents a wide array of compelling benefits which makes the medium more attractive to many writers than the traditional publishing model.

Self-publishing in itself is not a new phenomenon. Before the advent of ebook downloads and ereaders, however, the process was much more involved and much, much more expensive. Releasing your book under your own small publishing company a decade ago would have required a substantial investment up front for your first run of physical books, then another if your product was successful enough to sell out during that run. Today, the world of self-publishing is a vastly different place. With a bit of know-how and ingenuity, you can easily turn your manuscript into a polished digital product, allowing you to sell ebooks as a viable and potentially lucrative alternative.

What You Need to Sell Ebooks

After ebooks have been thoroughly edited and formatted, it’s time to start building your online presence. Through social media, targeted marketing campaigns and a strong business plan, you can become a published author without spending years to court publishers from traditional companies. All you need is a sales plan, and the right tools for the job.

Often, the best and most efficient method for those who wish to sell ebooks is working with a comprehensive ecommerce solution which meets the most crucial needs from one service. Platforms like make it easy to build a web store, process payments, access affiliate networks and, most importantly, to offer automated product delivery. Today’s online buying culture is built upon customer’s desire for instant gratification, and immediate delivery helps to bolster your reputation for customer service in one easy step.

Set up your online store, offer your ebook in a variety of formats to accommodate the most popular ereader device brands, and start marketing your products. With the right ecommerce solution, you’ll be on the road to self-publishing success.



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