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Have you been thinking about making your eBooks available in audio format? For many self-published authors, this is one of the single most effective ways to set yourself apart from the pack. To launch a successful venture, however, you will need the right MP3 file downloading support systems in place. There are a number of reasons why the best choice is almost always to start your own web store, rather than relying upon mass online retailers. Take some time to learn more about your options, and you may be ready to get started quicker and less expensively than you thought possible.

MP3 File Downloading Systems for Independent Merchants

Many self-published authors just beginning their careers start with eBook downloads, offered through a proprietary mass marketplace tied to a specific eReader device. While this can be convenient, this particular choice often comes with a number of drawbacks. Since the primary motivation for most authors considering the self-publishing route is full independence, these mass retailers are rarely an ideal fit. Plans which offer the highest percentage of your earnings require exclusivity agreements, meaning you can not sell your work through any other outlets. This immediately limits your audience and likely your earning potential, because you earn a higher percentage of a price set by the market. You have limited control over pricing, none over your distribution.

Running your own web store doesn’t have to be an expensive and laborious process, though. Dedicated eCommerce platforms like offer all the convenience of managed sales, with fully automated eBook and MP3 file downloading systems.

Managing MP3 File Downloading Tools

When you work with a high-quality eCommerce platform, you’re able to reap all the benefits of marketplace sales with no loss of control. Payments are processed through trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet. Automated MP3 file downloading tools make your products available to buyers within seconds of completing a transaction, and your files are securely hosted to keep them safe. Best of all, you’ll have access to invaluable marketing tools which help you boost the signal, no up-front investment necessary.

Affiliate network systems connect you with marketing professionals who have a built-in incentive to promote your brand: they only get paid when they make a sale. This means you only pay for marketing when it’s effective, so you never have to worry about funnelling money into risky banner ads or sponsored social media posts which your target audience may completely ignore. You’re able to dramatically expand your reach without additional startup funding, making it easy to get your audio book MP3 file downloading business off the ground. Explore your options, and take the first step on a potentially lucrative and highly rewarding journey.

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