Affiliate Marketing, Clickbank and Online Sales

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Whether you’re an online merchant with products to sell or someone with an established web presence interested in monetizing your following, affiliate marketing is a phrase with which you should familiarize yourself. One of the more recognizable names in affiliate marketing, Clickbank, works even more effectively when it’s supplemented with other tools. If you’re looking for the best ways to earn money online, either through sale of your own products or your promotional prowess, this is one form of marketing which can pay off in spades.

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is an affiliate marketing network, and one of the more popular options on the Internet today. This service connects the sellers of digital products with people willing to promote certain products, and can form the basis of a potentially lucrative partnership.

Bloggers, video bloggers and other web personalities with an established following have the option of becoming affiliate marketers, which allows them to earn money by promoting the products of a merchant with whom they have an existing agreement. Rather than charging a flat fee from the content creator for promotional content, affiliates earn a percentage of each sale they generate for their client. This provides an affiliate marketer with a strong incentive for promotion, helps the merchant increase their marketing scope and get the attention of buyers which would otherwise be out of reach.

What Makes Affiliate Marketing an Effective Promotional Solution?

Online merchants and digital content creators are only able to sell their products to buyers who are aware of their products. Not even the best content sells if no one knows it exists, so marketing is vital to the success of a digital sales business venture. Banner ads and other paid advertising requires a substantial up-front investment, which must be paid in advance, so the money is spent whether a marketing campaign is effective or not. Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, is a promotional tool merchants pay for only when it’s effective. Instead of spending valuable investment funding in the hopes of capturing a few buyers’ attention, merchants are able to share a portion the proceeds from each sale generated by an affiliate with that marketer.

Making the Most of Affiliate Marketing

While Clickbank is a popular affiliate network, it’s not the only option. High-quality ecommerce platforms, like, include affiliate network access as part of their valuable seller package. For both marketers and merchants, diversifying their affiliate network reach can be a very lucrative decision. Working with more than one network can exponentially increase sales and revenue, providing all involved parties with higher earning power and greater success.


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