Affiliate Marketing: Clickbank and Beyond

affiliate marketing

When it seems like everyone around you is making money on the Internet, it can be frustrating to feel left out of a potentially lucrative opportunity. Whether you’re a creator of digital content or a web personality with an established follower base, there’s one way you can start earning money through online sales: affiliate marketing. Clickbank, one of today’s largest affiliate networks and also one of the most well-known, provides a wealth of opportunities for merchants and marketers alike to start earning real income online. What many people don’t realize, though, is just how many options beyond Clickbank are available.

What is Clickbank?

In order to understand the potential earning power of affiliate marketing, it’s important to first understand just how Clickbank and other affiliate networks operate.

Affiliate marketing networks connect merchants and marketers to create mutually beneficial arrangements which drive sales and boost earnings. Merchants list their products through the network, while marketers sign up to help boost the profile of selected brands. For each sale driven by an affiliate marketer, the content merchant shares a percentage of the sales profits. Marketers benefit by providing a service for which they are financially rewarded, effectively monetizing an existing audience. Merchants are able to get more traffic, realize higher earnings, and invest in a marketing plan they pay for only when it works.

Marketing can be a tricky proposition for content creators, and even stellar products can be lost in the shuffle. Very few factors have the ability to make or break a business as quickly as a marketing campaign, which is why so many sellers start their businesses off by investing in pre-paid advertising in the hopes of driving more traffic. When this advertising works, the investment pays off and sellers see a return. When it’s ignored by potential buyers, as so many banner ads often are, it’s an expenditure which yields no positive results.

Affiliate marketing allows merchants to take a more financially conservative, incentive-driven tack with their marketing plans. The profit-share system provides a built-in incentive for affiliate marketing partners, who are encouraged to actively promote the products they’ve chosen in order to earn their share of the proceeds. Marketers win, because they’re able to turn their fan base into an asset which actively earns them money.

Diversifying Affiliate Marketing Options

Clickbank may be one of the biggest and showiest fish in the sea, but it’s far from the only one. In fact, marketers and merchants alike can earn far more when they work with more than one affiliate marketing network. High-quality ecommerce solutions like provide more than payment processing and automated content delivery; the best will also include access to an affiliate marketing network.

If you’re a blogger or public figure with a substantial following, or a content creator with a digital product to sell, consider the power of affiliate marketing. Clickbank is stronger and more effective when it’s supported by additional networks, so look into all of your options before setting up shop.


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