Accepting Credit Cards, PayPal and Other Payments

Accepting Credit Cards PayPal

When you sell digital downloads online, think about accepting credit cards, PayPal and other means of payment. Also, secure a method for digital delivery and ways to market your product. This process doesn’t need to be complicated when there are services out there that can take care everything for you.

The best way to be successful selling digital downloads is to sell your products in as many different venues as possible. Create your own website, social media pages and blogs to get the word out about your products. You can also sell on eBay auctions, PayLoadz and other third-party sites. Although you might sell on different sites, have your delivery and payments through one source. It’s easier to manage and track your sales that way.

Payment Options
You need a service that allows you to start accepting credit cards, PayPal balance payments and other types of payments like e-checks. The more options customers have to pay, the more likely they are to buy. Accepting credit cards is the most important part of online payment processing, but it’s not the only way people pay for products and services.

Download Delivery
Once your customers pay, you need to know they will receive their purchases in a quick, secure manner. If there is a delay or problem, you can bet that you won’t get repeat business from that customer. Make sure you are using a reputable delivery process specifically designed for downloads.

Download Delivery Services
The best way to make sure you have your payment and delivery integrated into one easy process, both for you and your customers, is to use a digital download delivery service like Digital download services get you started accepting credit cards, PayPal and other payment methods along with getting your shopping cart set up across your different sites. When purchases are made, the same company can deliver the download quickly and safely. Many sites also include unlimited storage, marketing tools and a store from which to sell your product.

Once you are ready to start accepting credit cards and have your delivery system in place, you are in business. By using a delivery service, you can often get all these pieces in place in a matter of hours. It may take days or weeks doing it yourself. A download delivery service really makes sense.

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