Accept PayPal: Download Sales Will Increase

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Are you ready to start your online business, but have your doubts about a third-party transaction management company? You’re not alone. It can be scary to trust not only your income, but also the sensitive personal information of your clients to someone else. Fortunately, there’s a trusted and recognizable name in online transaction processing: PayPal. With close to two decades in business and a satisfied user base, you’re partnering with a digital sales giant. When your customers pay with PayPal, download from a secure eCommerce platform and complete their transaction with ease, satisfaction goes through the roof.

Using PayPal for Business
You’re a twenty-first century buyer. You know your way around eBay and Etsy as well as anyone. You’ve almost certainly worked with PayPal as a buyer, but you may not be familiar with the inner workings on the business side. This means you may not realize just how intuitive and easy it is to manage your accounts through their tools and services.

Your customers make a purchase through your online store, enter their account information into PayPal, download their file to complete their transaction and never provide you with their credit card information directly. By acting as a secure middle point, PayPal keeps buyers’ financial information safer to reduce the risk of identity theft. Because customers are able to proceed with a sense of security, sellers who accept PayPal often see sales increase.

Pay with PayPal, Download Instantly
Now you understand how PayPal can increase your sales, but how do you integrate it into your business model? There are several ways to make sure PayPal is a cornerstone of your plan, but the easiest and most efficient is to work with a system which is already built around secure transaction management to reap the most benefits.

Systems like allow you access to secure file hosting and fully integrated tools from PayPal. Download systems are automated, so your customers never have to wait for a download link. When satisfaction increases, so do positive ratings and word of mouth. With one simple decision, you’re able to immediately increase your sales potential while lowering overhead costs. Get your online sales venture off to a strong start by working with PayPal and a high-quality eCommerce platform. With all the combined tools and services you need to streamline operations and save time, you’re able to focus on creating more great content.

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