Accept Credit Card Payments

Accept Credit Card Payments

Convenience is king in today’s busy world. To be successful at selling products online, you need to accept credit card payments. When people shop online, they expect to pay for their purchases with credit cards. If that option is not available on your site, customers are likely to leave and look for a vendor elsewhere that will make their transactions easier to complete.

Misconceptions Regarding Credit Card Payments

Many entrepreneurs assume that accepting credit cards online is a complicated and expensive process. This makes them hesitant to pursue that option until their business has grown and they have significant sales to cover the expense. That train of thought can keep the business from ever reaching its full potential, or it can at least slow down the process.

People who have misconceptions about receiving credit card payments usually think they must set up and use a merchant account to process payments from MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card or American Express, which is what most traditional businesses do. Merchant accounts can be set up through a number of different service providers, each with its own fees. There is generally an account setup fee and an application process that a business must go through to be approved. In addition, there are usually monthly service fees and transaction fees. Just trying to compare the costs related to the different services to select the option best for your business could be overwhelming.

The truth is, there are other options available for businesses to allow their customers the convenience of paying for their purchases with a credit card besides opening a merchant account. These options are complicated and don’t include a complicated fee structure.

Accept Credit Card Payments Online Without a Merchant Account

PayPal has made it easy for businesses to accept payments from credit cards via PayPal. This works well for customers who prefer to pay that way or who don’t have a PayPal account. PayPal handles the payment verification process. This allows your business to avoid the hassle of setting up a merchant account. You need just a PayPal account instead. This provides your customer the option of paying by PayPal or credit card through the same service. Several digital download services, like, use this combined payment method and assist customers in understanding how the process works.

Start Accepting Credit Cards

If you aren’t accepting credit cards for your sales online, you have no excuse. PayPal makes the process simple and inexpensive. Set up your PayPal business account and grow your business faster with credit card payments.

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