A Quick Guide to Selling Pictures Online

Selling Digital Files

How many high-quality images are taking up space on your hard drive? What if there were a way you could put each and every one of those great photos to work for you, earning money while building a valuable brand? If your only experience in online photo sales is connected to microstock sites, you may be surprised by just how quick, easy and inexpensive it is to start your very own web store. Rather than competing with hundreds of other artists submitting work under the same tags, you can create a showplace designed to promote your own brand. Best of all, you can get started on a shoestring budget, with almost no startup investment required.

Selling Pictures on a Tight Budget

To start your own web store, you need a custom website carefully built by an expensive professional to showcase all the latest bells and whistles, right? Actually, you don’t need a website easily capable of costing you thousands of dollars. A low-cost template site you build yourself will serve the same purpose, as will a free blog site. Turning these inexpensive options into viable sales portals is as easy as working with a dedicated eCommerce platform, which also consolidates just about every other tool you need for success. Services like PayLoadz.com give you access to seamlessly integrated PayPal and Google Wallet tools for reliable and trusted payment processing, along with secure file hosting and automated download delivery.

You never have to worry about missed deliveries, or about monitoring sales alerts around the clock. Your customers gain immediate access to the pictures they’ve purchased; all you have to do is generate new content and promote your brand. Choosing a high-end services also allows you to simplify marketing dramatically, too, since the best ones offer built-in affiliate network access.

Marketing, Promoting and Selling Pictures

Whether you’re in the business of providing stock images for marketing content or you’re selling pictures as digital art, you still need a strong marketing plan in place before launch. After all, you can’t attract buyers who aren’t aware of your content. You can make upfront investments in sponsored social media posts and other prepaid ads, but they’re essentially a gamble. Whether your expensive ads get the attention of a hundred buyers or only one, they’ll cost you the same amount.

A better solution, particularly for merchants just starting out, is to take advantage of affiliate network tools. If you’ve chosen a leading eCommerce platform, then you’ll likely have built-in access to this zero-risk marketing option. You’ll be able to connect with marketing professionals who only earn money when they’re actively selling pictures for you. This means you’re only paying for marketing when it works; no risking limited startup capital, or gambling with your profits.

Why not take the plunge? Turn your photography hobby into a real source of income, and make your dreams a reality.

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