A Guide for Beginners: Sell Books Online

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You’ve seen other authors sell books online without a publisher or agent, and become successful. Are you ready to claim a bit of that success for yourself? Starting an eBook self-publishing business can seem like a complicated and difficult task to complete, but this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, when you build a business plan around some key service providers and selling tools, starting your business can be quick, easy and surprisingly inexpensive.

What You Need to Sell Books Online

Before you launch your eBook sales venture, it’s important to understand what you need in order to sell books online. You’ll also need to understand how to best meet those needs in a manner which benefits both you and your customers.

First, you must decide upon a system for payment processing and transaction management. Your customers can’t buy your product, and you can’t turn a profit, if there’s no system in place for payment. Some online merchants opt for complicated systems which require them to manually process credit card payments, but this is far from ideal. Most prospective customers will simply choose not to make a purchase, rather than surrender their sensitive financial information to a stranger online. The preferred method for buyers and sellers is to work with a trusted and recognized name, like PayPal or Google Wallet.

After payment and transaction management, it’s time to focus on content delivery. Popular authors who sell books online exclusively understand the importance of instant download delivery. Today’s customer is not accustomed to waiting for downloads, and forcing them to do so will negatively affect your brand image. Automated download delivery takes the responsibility out of your hands, ensuring no customer is ever lost in the shuffle or experiences delays in receiving content for which they have already paid. Finally, you must have access to some type of marketing system. After all, you can’t sell books to people who don’t know they exist.

Bringing it All Together

It’s certainly possible to meet each of these needs individually, but it’s far from ideal. Scattering your daily management tasks across several separate accounts decreases your efficiency and increases your workload. For optimum efficiency and effectiveness, the best choice by far is a dedicated eCommerce platform. Comprehensive services like PayLoadz.com help you sell books online with ease, automating everything from payment processing to content delivery. You’ll also have access to a host of valuable tools, like affiliate network access to boost your marketing reach.

Launch your career as an author today. There’s no need to surrender significant portions of your creative control, earning potential and reprinting rights to a traditional publisher. With the help of the right service providers, you can stay in the driver’s seat.

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