7 Ways to Sell Documents Online

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You have an area of expertise and the desire to make money online, but you aren’t a software developer, musician or artist. How can you tap into the growing world of Internet sales? By selling documents! There is a rapidly expanding demand for document templates, and tapping into this market can be a great way of making money from your hard-earned knowledge. These are just a few of the ways to sell documents online, earning money and building your business.

  1. 1. Create Legal Documents – The single most popular legal document downloads on the Internet are will and testament documents, but they’re not the only legal documents off which you can make a profit. Legal professionals can provide templates for a wide range of legal documents, and your clients can purchase them for a fraction of what they’d pay to have them professionally prepared.
  2. 2. Tap Into the Homeschool Market – The homeschooling trend continues to gather steam, which leaves a sizable market for educational documents and materials. Prepare worksheets, testing documents and reading guides for homeschooling students, and make them available for purchase. With the right marketing plan, you can make a significant profit of your educational knowledge.
  3. 3. Share Your Knowledge with Instructional Ebooks – Online tutorials are available for almost any task you can imagine, but can be woefully inaccurate. Most people would rather purchase a highly detailed and accurate instructional ebook than get bad advice for free, so consider turning your unique area of expertise into a series of instructional ebooks.
  4. 4. Profit from Your Imagination with Ebook Novels – Self-publishing is the wave of the future, as more and more authors are beginning to realize. If you have dreams of becoming the next big novelist but aren’t interested in working with a publishing house, an ebook novel may be the best way for you to sell documents online.
  5. 5. Put Your Expertise to Work with Whitepapers – Technical documents in report format are known as whitepapers, and they’re in high demand on the Internet. If you’re an expert on a technical subject and have an interest in selling documents online, whitepapers can be a great source of income.
  6. 6. Offer Employment Documents – Are you a human resources expert? Turn your experience into cash by creating employee contracts, payroll sheets and other employment documents. Smaller businesses with limited startup capital may not be able to afford an attorney for such papers, which means they’ll look for smaller document providers online to fill this need.
  7. 7. Help Your Customers Budget with Financial Documents – If you have flair for money management, financial documents and budgeting worksheets are a booming business. You can make a profit by helping your customers save money and selling documents online!

To be successful selling documents online, you need to ensure customer satisfaction. Providing a great buying experience means giving your customers immediate access to the documents they’ve just purchased and accepting the most popular forms of online payment, which is where content delivery services like PayLoadz.com make a very real difference. Give your clients instant download access, peace of mind and the inspiration to recommend your services, and you’ll be able to make a profit while building your business.


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