5 Reasons to Self-Publish Your Ebook Online

Where To Sell Your EBook

Before the rise of e-reader devices and ebook sales, authors were forced to shop their manuscripts around to agents and publishers or make a major investment to self-publish and print physical copies of their books. These days, breaking into the publishing industry is easier than ever before, and authors are starting to make money by selling their self-published ebooks online. There are a variety of reasons why self-publishing is a great option for many authors; here are five reasons why you should consider releasing your next effort as a self-published ebook.

  • 1. Control – When you turn your manuscript over to a publisher, you can expect to make change after change to the content until you’ve reached a finished product of which the editor approves. By opting to self-publish your ebook online, you retain control over the finished product and the content of your work.
  • 2. You Keep the Profits – Even the biggest and most successful authors receive advances and royalties, essentially seeing only a portion of the proceeds from their hard work. When you choose to self-publish your ebook online, you keep the vast majority of your profits. You may need to pay small fees for content delivery or payment processing, but the bulk of the profits are yours and yours alone.
  • 3. Targeted Marketing – Publishing companies will champion their most successful authors more often than not, which can leave efforts from lesser-known authors to languish without promotional support. When you self-publish your ebook, you take charge of the marketing and make all the relevant decisions. Instead of hoping your book gets the support you know it deserves, you can take the reins.
  • 4. Pricing – While many readers aren’t comfortable with the idea of taking a chance on a completely unknown author by paying full price for a novel, they may be more open-minded when it’s an inexpensively priced ebook online. Publishing houses set the prices for ebooks, and authors typically have little to no control over the sticker price. Because you’re keeping the majority of the proceeds, you can afford to lower the price of your ebook. As an author who has chosen to self-publish, you have the power to do so.
  • 5. Setting Your Own Timeline – From the moment your manuscript is accepted by a publisher to the day of release can sometimes take up to a full year, or longer. You’ll also be expected to meet publisher deadlines for any subsequent novels. If you’re more comfortable moving at your own pace, choosing to self-publish your ebook online will give you the freedom of setting your own timeline.

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